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What is Cox Homelife?

Cox Homelife is an easy-to-use home automation service from Cox that allows you to conveniently control your home’s smart technology from anywhere.

Use the Cox Homelife app on your phone or tablet to:

  • View live video feed of your home
  • Adjust your home thermostat
  • Turn lights off or on
  • Create automated, smart device rules and schedules
  • Get system alerts and notifications

The best perk of Cox Homelife is when you bundle Cox home automation services with your Cox internet plan, you can save even more.

Cox Homelife plans and pricing

Cox Homelife can be added to Cox internet and TV plans, giving you a great deal on home automation and security. You can monitor your home using your new Homelife devices, or you can add on a 24/7 professional monitoring service for $25/mo.*

Cox Homelife Automation for $19.99/mo.*

Includes 1 window and door sensor, 1 Smart LED light bulb and 1 HD camera with qualifying bundles.

Cox Homelife Security & Automation for $44.99/mo.*

Includes 2 window and door sensors, 1 motion sensor, window decals, a yard sign and 1 HD camera with qualifying bundles. Security Touchscreen Control Panel costs $4/mo.* to rent.

Cox Bronze Bundle with Homelife for $99.99/mo.*

Enjoy internet speeds up to 100 Mbps, Cox Contour TV with more than 140 channels and Cox Homelife Automation.

Cox Gold Bundle with Homelife for $139.99/mo.*

Get a fast connection with speeds up to 300 Mbps, Cox Contour TV with more than 250 channels and Cox Homelife Automation.

Save more by bundling Cox Homelife

Homelife Automation costs $19.99 per month* when paired with an internet or TV plan. However, the price difference is minimal between the Cox Bronze Duo at $89.99/mo.* and the Cox Bronze Bundle with Homelife at $99.99/mo.* You can enjoy Cox’s smart home automation system for just $10 more per month* when you bundle with Cox TV and internet services.

Get a smart, protected home with one convenient kit

Cox Homelife can turn any home into a smart home. Save money and live smarter with home security and automation services you can control from the palm of your hand. Use the Cox Homelife mobile app to manage all your connected devices from anywhere.

Homelife helps with home security

  • Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere
  • Keep tabs on your property with live video recording
  • Get real-time alerts from your home sensor

Homelife saves energy the smart way

  • Control your thermostat while away
  • Turn lights on and off from your phone
  • Automate appliances with off/on rules

How Homelife makes every day easier

With just one handheld device, you can control all your Cox Homelife equipment, which means you can save money on energy, monitor your property and feel safer in your home all from the palm of your hand.

Add a Cox Homelife plan to your Cox internet or TV services and create a smart, protected home today.

Cox Homelife features and benefits

Cox Homelife equipment and Cox Homelife mobile app help you take control of your home. According to the FBI, more than 1.5 million burglaries occurred in 2016, and the average loss per burglary offense was $2,361.

You can protect your property and family from burglaries and more with Cox Homelife. Enjoy peace of mind and all the other perks of smart home monitoring and automation without paying someone else to watch your home.

Home Automation equipment included

You don’t have to invest in more than $350 worth of equipment to enjoy a smart, connected home. Start video monitoring, controlling home locks and automating your appliances right away with qualifying bundles.

Free professional installation

With qualifying Cox bundles, an installation technician will set up your new smart home equipment and ensure that your Homelife automation system works at no extra cost to you.

Custom automation & security systems

Whether you want basic home automation services or added security features, Cox gives you options. Choose from smart home automation services, smart locks, carbon monoxide detectors and more to create a unique system that fits your needs.

Personalized scenes and rules

You can customize your automation and security systems to fit your schedule. Set up a Leaving scene that arms your security system, turns off your lights and adjusts your thermostat. Receive live video notifications when children get back from school. Cox Homelife works with you to maximize home management.

Bundle savings

Maximize your savings by bundling Cox Homelife Automation with a TV and internet plan. When you add Homelife to TV and internet packages, it only costs an additional $10 per month.*

Additional home sensors

Maximize your home security by choosing additional Cox Homelife sensors and devices such as a glass break sensor, a wireless siren repeater, water leak sensor and more.

Cox Homelife integrations and availability

Cox Homelife products work with one another to protect your home and your family. Use Cox Homelife to manage your home automation, home security and smart utility devices.

Does Cox Homelife work with Alexa or Google Home?

Cox Homelife service is compatible with certain voice assistants, and it may be compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Compatibility depends on the Cox Homelife service you choose and the voice assistant you have. A Cox professional technician can help you set up voice assistants with your Cox Homelife system, if the two are compatible.

Does Cox Homelife work with other smart devices?

Cox Homelife is compatible with a number of door sensors and cameras you may already own. A professional technician can come to your home and determine whether or not your additional devices are compatible with the Homelife Automation and Security systems.

Where is Cox Homelife available?

Cox Homelife Automation and Security services are available in select residential markets of the 18 states where Cox provides services.

Protect your family and property the easy way

Our friendly home service experts can help you learn more about Cox Homelife Automation and Security. Bundle Cox Homelife with high-speed internet or TV to keep your home and family protected. Plus, get a great deal on Homelife equipment and monthly service. Call today to save on Cox’s convenient Homelife services.

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