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U.S. crime by the numbers

Families and homes are as vulnerable to home security threats as ever, with loopholes in technology leaving room for easy access to what you love most. In 2017:

  • 7,694,086 property crimes occurred nationwide
  • $15.3 billion was estimated in losses by victims of property crimes
  • 1,250,983 burglary cases were reported
  • 67% of burglary cases occurred at home
  • 33% of burglary cases occurred during the daytime
  • $2,416 was the average property value taken during a single burglary

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting

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How to pick a home security provider

Home security companies offer a lot of great perks up front, but it’s often the small print details that make all the difference. Here are a few things to look for that can make or break your home security experience:

A great home security system is nothing without someone to take action during an emergency. Be sure to select a home security company that provides professional monitoring of your security system even when you’re away.

Customer satisfaction with home security systems often relies on great customer service and quick response times to alerts if problems should arise.

Many home security companies include standard equipment along with monitoring services in their monthly price. Some plans give you the option to customize your plan with additional fees for each set of equipment you add.

Home automation is a great way to access all the functions of your home security system from the comfort of your couch or from across the country. Home security providers, like Cox Homelife, incorporate home automation into their security systems for a well-connected home that gives you full control.

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Our experts at Allconnect can help you save time looking for home security providers in your area. Quickly and conveniently compare home security costs, contract agreements and included equipment to make a more informed decision for your home and family. Here are a few major home security companies that may be available near you.

Top home security companies

  • Vivint – Best for home automation
  • SimpliSafe – Best basic system
  • ADT – Most popular provider

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Compare home security companies and features

Many popular home security providers offer different plans to fit different families’ home security needs and budgets. Consider important features, like the details listed below, before you select your home security system.

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Monthly monitoring fee starting at
Standard equipment included
Installation type
Contract terms
Money back guarantee
Types of cameras

ADT logo


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$36.99/mo.* Yes Professional $99 – $199 36 months 6 months Wireless day/night indoor and outdoor cameras, Dome security camera, indoor bookshelf camera and Ring® doorbell
Vivint logo


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$39.99/mo.* Yes Professional $49.99 – $199 48 or 60 months Varies by plan Ping HD indoor and Vivotek outdoor HD camera with night vision and Vivint doorbell camera

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$30.99/mo.* No Self-install – $0 12, 24, 36 months 30 days Wireless fixed indoor and outdoor camera with night vision and wireless pan/tilt camera

SimpliSafe logo

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$14.99/mo.* No Self-install – $0 No contract 60 days Simplicam wireless HD indoor camera with night vision

protection 1 logo1-855-222-8565

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$34.99/mo.* Yes Self-install – $0 Professional – $99 36 months Up to $1,000 home insurance deductible protection Indoor and outdoor camera with night vision

  • Indoor pan/tilt camera
  • Skybell doorbell camera
$19.99/mo.* Yes Self-install – $0 36 months 15 days for returns (restocking fee applies) Indoor wireless pan/tilt camera with night vision

Sources: The information we present here has been collected from provider websites. In cases where the information was not available on the provider’s website, we spoke on the phone or chatted online with the provider’s customer service agents to obtain some of the information presented here. Content last updated: November 20, 2018. Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Speeds may vary. As of 11/20/18.

Frequently asked questions about home security systems

Home automation allows you to set automatic schedules or remotely control many functions in your home, including using your smartphone or computer to turn lights on/off, arm/disarm your home security system and lock/unlock doors, among other smart home capabilities. Many home security systems and monitoring plans, like Cox Homelife, offer home automation features to better connect users to their systems. However, these may not be available at all package levels and may require additional cost.

Most home security systems use electronic devices that communicate with a central control panel to protect against burglary and other threats in the home. When the system is armed, motion sensors, which may include door and window sensors, communicate with the control panel to alert of any breaches or potential dangers. If any of these electronic devices is triggered, the control panel receives an alert of a potential home intrusion. It will then sound a high-decibel alarm and if your home security package includes monitoring services, the control panel with also notify the security monitoring company.

Home security equipment and monitoring can vary widely depending on which provider and plan you choose. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of installation if self-installation is not an option. If you require additional equipment like security cameras, extra sensors and smart home features, these add-ons will also increase the monthly price of service. Call today to learn more about pricing and provider information in your area.

Monitored home security systems communicate with in-house or third-party monitoring centers when a burglar alarm or other threats are detected by sensors. This communication can occur by cellular signal, broadband internet or landline phone connection, depending on who your home security company is and which type of monitoring plan you choose. When this occurs, your home security company will contact emergency personnel to respond. They may also try to contact you first by phone or mobile app to confirm it’s not a false alarm.

Last updated on 11/19/18.

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