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Telephone companies offer some of the cheapest landline phone services with traditional, analog phone connections as a standalone service. In addition, phone, TV and internet bundles from these same companies can create extra savings that are passed onto to you when bundle landline phone with other services.

Allconnect lets you see which providers offer cheap phone service in your neighborhood. Our free comparison tool lets you quickly and easily compare plans, select your new landline phone service provider and add all the calling features you want. Click below to search for cheap landline phone services in your area.

Our partners are the national landline phone service providers you already know and trust. You’ll find the packages and phone features that meet your needs from top providers. Choose from a number of features with each plan, from basic to more robust landline phone packages.

Some providers, such as AT&T and Verizon, give you the capability to get cheap landline phone service without internet in your home. Our partners also offer more advanced phone packages, as well. Some providers such as Xfinity and Time Warner Cable, for example, offer landline phone services enhanced by an internet connection, which provides features like priority ringing and caller ID on multiple devices. Our providers also offer digital landline phone service.

Why you still need a landline phone service

Landline phone service is a dependable and cheap way to stay connected to family and friends. If you have kids at home that aren’t yet ready for the responsibility of a cell phone, or elderly parents who live with you or on their own, having a landline is a reliable and easy way for people of all ages to stay connected. In addition, if you live in a rural area or your cell phone reception is not reliable where you live, a landline phone is a simple and affordable solution to stay connected in spotty mobile service areas.

With landline phone service, you are hardwired into the phone network. And as a result, you rarely have to worry about your phone being disconnected. The only exception would be a catastrophic event like a strong storm that knocks down a telephone pole.

Prior to the advent of cell phones, most phone calls were made via landlines, and local companies were involved in some capacity in nearly every phone communication. In contrast, cell phone calls have much farther to travel – literally to satellites out in space. This means it can take longer to connect mobile calls and can be more expensive to patch through and more of a hassle to handle. 

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