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Checkout Overview

Need help placing an order? We'll take you step by step through the process of placing an online order with

  1. Add Services to Your Cart
  2. View Your Cart Summary
  3. Setup Your Services - Select Features
  4. Setup Your Services - Installation Preferences
  5. Review Setup of Your Services
  6. Enter Billing Information
  7. Verify Your Order
  8. Check Your Order Status

1. Add Services to Your Cart

After adding any item to your Shopping Cart, please note the Important Message about the Service Plan you selected. This message from the Service Provider gives insight to their order setup requirements and upcoming Checkout steps.

If you would like to continue shopping after adding an item to your Cart, you can view some of the Favorite Connections or other complementary services that are available to you. Otherwise, feel free to browse the full selection of services using the tabbed navigation menu at the top of the screen. You can access your Cart at any time by clicking the yellow "Shopping Cart" button on the right side of the navigation menu.

Once you have added the last item to your Cart, use the "Order Now" button on the screen to proceed to Checkout. Or, if you have clicked the yellow "Shopping Cart" button, you are ready to view your Cart Summary (see Step 2).

2. View Your Cart Summary

Viewing your Cart Summary is Step 1 of Checkout, and "Shopping Cart" will be highlighted at the top of this screen. Now that you have added all items to your Cart, please review your selections and make any necessary modifications for each of the service types in your cart. Is the new service address correct? Remember that actual serviceability will be determined by your exact address, so it is important to enter the right service address. To change this address, simply use the "Change" link at the top of the screen next to the Location.

From the Cart Summary Page, you can also remove items from your Cart using the "Remove" link located beneath the Service Plan price.

When you are ready to continue Checkout, click the "Order Now" button to begin Setup of your services.

3. Set up Your Services - Select Features

Step 2 of Checkout is the Setup of your Services; "Setup" will be highlighted at the top of the screen. Each service in your cart will appear in the gray progress bar of the Setup screen. First, you will set up Features for your plan. If you have not already done so, review and make changes to the Optional Features for the Service (not all services will have Optional Features). You can also view the Standard Features that come with your Service by clicking on the Standard Features Tab.

If you have selected Optional Features that have an additional one-time fee or monthly cost, these costs will appear in a subsequent screen, Setup Review (see Step 5) and during the final step of Checkout. When you have completed your Features selections, click the "Continue" button to complete Setup of your Service.

4. Set up Your Services - Installation Preferences

The next phase of Setup is entering the Installation Preferences for your Service; "Setup" will still be highlighted at the top of the screen. Installation Preferences will involve selecting your preferred date for activation of your new service and answering a series of questions that will aid the Provider in completing your order. For example, for a new Cable TV service, you may have to enter the number of TV receivers or Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) that you want at your house. Some Preferences may require an additional one-time fee or monthly cost; these costs will appear on the next screen, Setup Review (see Step 5), and during the final step of Checkout.

Once you have entered all answers to the Installation Preferences questions (they are all required), click the "Continue" button. "Continue" will take you to the Features Setup for the next item in your cart. If this is the final item in your Cart to be completed (indicated by a checked box by the Service Type name in the gray progress bar), the following step is to review Setup of all your Services.

5. Review Setup of Your Services

With "Setup" still highlighted at the top of the screen, "Review" will appear in the lower gray progress bar after you have completed the Setup of Features and Installation Preferences for all Services in your Cart. Please review and make any modifications to each of the services in your Cart at this time. For each service, a few Installation Preferences and Optional Features (if any) will be recapped. To view all or edit these, click the "Edit Installation Preferences" or "Edit Optional Features" links for that Service.

Also, review the Prices & Fees for each service, including the following:

  • Base Monthly Price - the monthly price of the service
  • One-time Fees - The sum of installation charges or one-time charges for equipment, features, services, etc.
  • Options selected - The sum of the monthly price for each Optional Feature added to the service
  • Estimated Monthly Total - The sum of the Base Monthly Price for the service and any monthly charges associated with Optional Features

After reviewing Setup, click the "Continue" button to enter your Billing Information in Step 3 of Checkout.

6. Enter Billing Information

"Billing Info" will be highlighted at the top of the Billing Information screen. Here, you will enter personal information and billing information required to process your order. Any entries in the General Information Section may be shared with one or more Providers if you have chosen multiple services in your Cart. Please fill out all required fields, indicated by an "*". If a Provider has specific billing inquiries, such as options for frequency of billing, those inquiries will be asked separately.

Rest assured, Allconnect® protects your personal information with a secure connection. We currently encode your personal information before it is transmitted over the Internet through an industry standard security protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL works by creating a temporary and shared "key" (similar to a digital code book) that lets only the computers on either end of the transmission scramble and unscramble information. To anyone between the sender and the receiver, including all the servers that may relay the message, the SSL transmission is indecipherable, unreadable and randomly generated letters, characters and numbers. Please review our privacy policy for other measures that we may implement to protect your information.

7. Verify Your Order

The last step of Checkout, indicated by the bold text "Verify" at the top of the screen, is verification of your order. This step is your final chance to make any modifications to Billing Information or Credit Card Information (if applicable) via the "Edit Billing Information" link appearing below the "Bill To" address or the "Edit Credit Card Information" link below the Credit Card Information, respectively.

Review each of your services including the Installation Preferences, Optional Features (if applicable), and Pricing. Click the "Terms & Conditions" text link to view all of the Provider's Terms & Conditions. For each service you must check the box indicating you have read and agree to the provider's Terms & Conditions. Once all information is correct and Terms & Conditions have been read, click the "Complete Your Order" button.

8. Check Your Order Status

You can view your Order Status by clicking the "Order Status" link at the top of the page. The order status will be updated to "confirmed" within 48 hours of placing your order and we will contact you with a Status Update via email or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with the following:

  • Confirmed Disconnect Date (if applicable)
  • Confirmed Installation Date and Time
  • Indication of a problem (deposit, address verification, etc.) and instructions to contact Allconnect® for resolution
  • A toll free number to Customer Care

If your Order Status is not yet "confirmed" and your have questions regarding your order, you can call our automated system at 1-866-429-9210. You can also email us at If you do email us, please include your customer number in the email so that we can locate your account. We also have a "Click to Call" link from which enables us to call you directly at a convenient time that you choose during our customer service hours of operation. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday 6 AM to 10 PM EST and Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM EST.