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With multiple provider options, we can help you find great deals home phone, internet and TV packages in Atlanta, Georgia. Allconnect® offers a convenient way for you to choose your new provider. Hook up your local phone service, cable television services and high-speed internet service right here. Or connect them all with a money-saving bundle. Call Allconnect to get connected!

Phone, TV and internet bundles are a great way to combine and save on your new services. But that doesn’t mean you have to move to save. Set up a new TV and high-speed internet bundle at your current residence. The power of consumer choice has brought competitiveness to the telecommunications world. Switching to a different cable company or upgrading to a newer package can lead to big savings on your monthly bill. Those savings start now with your free online setup.

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Internet providers in Atlanta

If you’ve recently moved to the Atlanta area, you’re likely wondering about your internet providers. The good news is that you have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing your internet service. The two major internet providers in Atlanta are AT&T and XFINITY. Here’s a brief overview of each company.

  • AT&T: If you’re looking for fast download speeds, reliable streaming capabilities and low load times, AT&T internet might be the perfect option for you. With speeds up to 1 Gbps, you’ll enjoy fast, reliable connections on all devices throughout your home. As a bonus, you’ll get a wireless router, anti-virus internet security and free access to thousands of hotspots all across the country.
  • XFINITYWant the fastest, most reliable in-home Wi-Fi for all rooms and all devices in your house? XFINITY internet delivers consistently high speeds so you can surf and steam as much as you’d like. Plus, you’ll get access to Wi-Fi hotspots already set up across the nation.

To check which internet providers service your exact neighborhood, and to compare Atlanta internet service providers, plans, speeds and pricing, simply enter your ZIP. Then, we’ll show you the options available to you.

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Atlanta also has a thriving utility market fueled by the growth of multiple electrical companies. Several locally owned and nationally recognized service providers offer competitive power rates backed by exemplary customer service. Compare electrical plans with your current rates. Switching utility companies could lower your monthly bills. Use Allconnect to find your local electric provider and browse available electricity rates in your area.

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Moving to Atlanta, Georgia?

Moving to Atlanta? You’re in good company. With well over 5 million residents, Atlanta is now the ninth most populated area in the country. A hot spot for commercial and residential expansion, the city has also been recognized by the EPA for its continued commitment to “smart growth,” a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly expansion.

Atlanta is fast becoming a city of global interest and international recognition, but is never far from its historical roots. The city celebrates its rich history with the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, the Carter Center Presidential Library and the Atlanta Cyclorama Civil War Museum. However, Atlanta also proudly displays its progress. Just blocks from the historic Margaret Mitchell House you’ll find the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Fernbank Science Center and Woodruff Arts Center, which is home to the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony and the High Museum of Art.

With recent additions like the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta continues to build upon its reputation as a thriving metropolis. If you are moving to Atlanta, an Atlanta apartment locator like PROMOVE can guide you through the process of finding an apartment or you can search apartments in Atlanta yourself at and get a rebate when you rent a place. You can also learn more about Atlanta by visiting the City of Atlanta website.

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