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Selecting your TV, internet and phone provider is simple with Allconnect® service experts to do all the heavy lifting. We’ll get your new home setup with the clearest phone service, the highest quality TV and the fastest, cheap internet in Georgia. Call today to compare and shop from some of the nation’s most trusted providers like AT&TSpectrum and XFINITY, all in one place.

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What types of internet are available in Georgia?

In Georgia, XFINITY and Spectrum are the largest cable internet providers. Plans with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 2 Gbps, or 2,000 Mbps, may be available.

  • High availability – It won’t be too difficult to find which cable providers are in Georgia. Cable internet is usually offered wherever cable TV service is available.
  • Speeds – Speeds offered with cable internet are fast enough for all your browsing activities.
  • Lag – You’ll be sharing bandwidth with other internet users in your area, so you’ll experience a decrease in speed during peak usage times.

Windstream is Georgia’s primary DSL internet provider and offers download speeds from 25 to 50 Mbps. Speeds in Georgia will vary by region.

  • High availability – DSL internet is available throughout Georgia.
  • Pricing – Your provider will use the existing phone lines in your home to establish your internet connection. This keeps costs lower than connection types that require additional equipment.
  • Lag – DSL internet speeds are often slower than fiber or cable connections.

Enjoy the fastest speeds the internet has to offer with AT&T, the primary fiber-optic internet provider in Georgia. Speeds go up to 1 Gbps or 1,000 Mbps.

  • Speeds – Fiber internet currently offers the fastest speeds of any other connection type.
  • Availability – Due to the high cost to establish a fiber network, fiber internet is only offered in a small percentage of the Georgia area.

What internet providers are in Georgia?

When selecting your internet in Georgia, consider things like included equipment, monthly data caps and the minimum speeds you’ll need to support your favorite browsing activities.

Check out some features from major internet providers in Georgia and how they compare:

  AT&T Logo AT&T Logo Spectrum Logo Windstream Logo XFINITY Logo
Connection type DSL Fiber Cable DSL Cable
Georgia coverage 75% 0.3%  20% 12.5% 57.1%
Average internet speed 100 Mbps 1 Gbps  100 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps
Data caps 1 TB/mo. 1 TB/mo. or unlimited depending on plan None None 1 TB/mo.
Contract 1-year service agreement None None None None
Equipment included Wi-Fi Gateway router Wi-Fi Gateway router  Modem None None
Wi-Fi hotspots in Georgia? Yes Yes  Yes No Yes

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What TV providers are in Georgia?

XFINITY is the leading cable TV provider in Georgia, while DIRECTV and DISH offer satellite and AT&T offers DSL. All four providers are available to the majority of homes in Georgia, so you’ll have options when it comes to making your service selection.

Here’s how TV providers in Georgia compare:

Package options 15-550+ channels 155-330+ channels 190-290+ channels 100-260+ channels
Local channels Included Included Included Included
On Demand programming Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unique advantage U-verse app access NFL SUNDAY TICKET, 4K channels, premium channels for first 3 mos. Premium channels for first 3 mos. and free HD for life Premium channels for first 3 mos.
Bundle with AT&T internet and phone AT&T internet and phone Satellite internet XFINITY internet and voice

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Save more by bundling your Georgia services

Bundle services with a single provider like XFINITY to simplify your bill and qualify for added savings or special offers. Single service providers such as DIRECTV partner with providers like AT&T to provide bundle deals and save you money. Give us a call today to shop and compare TV packages or TV and internet bundles in Georgia.

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Moving to Georgia?

If you’re new to Georgia, our internet and TV experts at Allconnect can make shopping for your new home services easy. Give us a call to find and compare pricing and deals offered near your home. We’ve also listed some additional resources below to help you become more acquainted with the area.

Last updated on 9/27/18.

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