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Internet providers in Tampa, FL

Internet in Tampa, Florida ranks above the national average in many categories, including availability and Mbps speeds. That’s good news for you, because it means you have quality options when shopping for internet service in Tampa.

The two largest wired residential internet providers in Tampa are Frontier and Charter Spectrum. As a Tampa resident, you likely noticed that the current Frontier services were formerly provided by Verizon, and services that are now under the Charter Spectrum brand were once provided by Bright House. The transition for both providers in Tampa is complete, so your new home internet service will be with either Frontier or Charter Spectrum.

Allconnect makes it easy to find and compare internet providers in Tampa and order service for your home. Whether you want the cheapest internet in Seminole Heights or the fastest internet speeds in Hyde Park, you can find it here.

Tampa internet by the numbers

 Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when choosing an internet service in Tampa, Florida.

Internet Technology Availability

Internet Type % of Tampa covered National average
Cable 98.8% 88.8%
DSL 72.7% 90%
Fiber 91.5% 25.4%


Internet speed availability

Download Speed % of Tampa covered National average
>10 Mbps 99.1% 92.9%
>25 Mbps 99.1% 90%
>50 Mbps 99.1% 83.2%
>100 Mbps 91.5% 64.8%
tampa internet speeds


Residential internet providers in Tampa, Florida

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  • Plans starting at $30/mo.

  • Download speeds up to 500 Mbps

  • Fiber available in most areas

  • TV + phone bundle options available

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  • Plans starting at $44.99/mo.

  • Up to 60 Mbps download speed

  • Free modem included

  • TV + phone bundle options available

Best internet in Tampa

When looking for the best internet provider in Tampa for your home, consider availability, speeds and pricing including any added fees and equipment costs. Here’s how Frontier and Charter Spectrum compare in Tampa:

Tampa Internet Provider Pricing and Plans

Provider Availability Internet-only pricing Fastest speeds Included equipment Data caps?
Charter Spectrum $44.99/mo. 92.9% Up to 60 Mbps Free modem included No
Frontier 91.9% $30 - $150/mo. Up to 500 Mbps Wi-Fi router included (with select plans) No


Finding the best internet in Tampa, FL

Of course, the “best” internet in Tampa is what is the most practical for your home and budget. Here are some tips for finding the best internet for your home:

  • Consider your internet usage - What do you use the internet for? How many people/devices will be connected? For light internet activity, such as sending emails and browsing the web, you can save some money and go with a lower-speed plan in the 3-12 Mbps range. For heavy internet use and multiple users, you’ll want a higher-speed (25+ Mbps) for the best experience, even if it costs a little more.

  • See what’s available - Not all providers and plan types are available in every area. Check to see which plans are available at your address.

Compare available plans - All internet plans in Tampa are not the same. In addition to speeds and pricing, take a look at other factors such as data caps and equipment costs.

Fastest internet in Tampa: 500 Mbps

If you have a need for the fastest internet speeds in Tampa, Frontier FiOS 500/500 may be the best plan for you. Boasting download speeds up to 500 Mbps, this plan is the fastest home internet in Tampa, Florida. Frontier uses fiber technology to deliver such high internet speeds. While access to fiber internet is limited in many places, Frontier has brought fiber internet to most Tampa neighborhoods.

Want to see which internet speeds are available in your area? Click below to explore your options for internet speeds in Tampa, FL.

Cheapest internet in Tampa: $30.00/mo

Affordable Tampa Internet Providers

Provider Monthly Costs Download Speeds See Plans
Frontier FiOS 50/50 $30.00+ Up to 50 Mbps Check Availability
Charter Internet $44.99+ Up to 60 Mbps Check Availability


Frontier offers the cheapest broadband internet in the Tampa area with their FiOS Internet 50/50 plan. Starting at $30 per month, this high speed internet plan features download and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps. You can stream TV and music, as well as game online with these speeds. This low-cost internet plan is available throughout much of the Tampa area.

Spectrum Internet is Charter’s cheapest internet-only plan in Tampa. This plan offers up to 60 Mbps download speeds and starts at $44.99 per month. Like the Frontier FiOS 50/50 plan, this plan offers sufficient speed for common online activities such as streaming and gaming.

Out and about? Find free Wi-Fi in Tampa

How do you keep from using your mobile data while on the go? Find places with free Wi-Fi in Tampa.

Many outdoor parks and public spaces in Tampa offer free Wi-Fi. Certain hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops throughout Tampa also offer free Wi-Fi to guests. Here’s a list of free Wi-Fi spots in Tampa.

Charter Spectrum free Wi-Fi hotspots in Tampa

If you’re a Charter Spectrum internet customer, you can also get free access to their hotspot network, which includes dozens of locations throughout Tampa. To see a list of Charter Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots, click here.