Black Friday iPhone deals: The best offers from last year and what to expect in 2020


Nov 12, 2020 — 5 min read

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All year, we’ve been waiting in breathless anticipation for it, and it’s finally here. Apple has brought us the latest must-have cellphone right in time for the 2020 holiday season: the iPhone 12 with 5G. 

With this week’s launch of iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max preorders, the two models join some already sweet deals on iPhones this year. Though home base for the iPhone 12, Apple is not the only place you can buy your new phone, and you will quickly find that not all deals are the same.

With this year’s pandemic, it’s more important than ever that you stretch your dollar, but thankfully, the iPhone Black Friday deals make it that much easier. These are the best offers that the 2020 holiday season has to offer on the new iPhone 12 and other iPhone devices.

Black Friday iPhone deals 2020

So far, Apple is offering one of the best deals available for the new iPhone. It’s always been known for an attractive trade-in program, but this year, the iPhone Black Friday deals are especially enticing when you have an old phone you can leverage. 

If you have an eligible trade-in, you can use Apple’s trade-in program to get up to $500 off the price of your new phone. The exact discount will depend on which model you choose for your new phone, but it’s definitely no chump change when it comes to the overall bill. If you use your Apple card to pay the bill, however, you’ll also benefit from interest-free payments and an additional 3% in daily cashback. 

Apple shows deals from leading wireless carriers on its website, with offers like $12/mo. with Verizon or $0/mo. with AT&T when you have a valid trade-in and bill credits. T-Mobile, which recently partnered with Sprint, offers an extra $150 credit when you use an eligible trade-in. Even some of the smaller carriers like Boost Mobile are getting involved, offering deals like $100 off new iPhones.

These are some of the offers currently being offered for iPhone Black Friday deals.

iPhone 12

Apple’s newest model, the iPhone 12, is the most popular phone of the season, and both Verizon and AT&T have special offers when you pair your new iPhone with an unlimited data plan.

iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini features both trade-in and BoGo deals when you open a new line with Verizon or AT&T.  

iPhone 12 Pro

The Pro is the most expensive model of the new iPhones, which is why it’s especially important to find a discount on this model. We are pleasantly surprised by AT&T and Verizon, who offer great value. 

iPhone 11

Last year’s hottest release hasn’t seen too many deals throughout the year, but 2020 brings a chance to get big savings when you trade in your phone for iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone SE 

The SE is one of the more budget-friendly options that Apple offers, and with Verizon’s extra discounts, you can get one for free when you opt for the Unlimited plan.

Older models

If you do not care about having the latest model in your pocket, you can save a ton of money when you opt for an older model with AT&T. You can now get $800 off the Apple iPhone XS with an eligible trade-in when you sign up for the Unlimited plan.

When will 2020 Black Friday iPhone deals be announced?

Black Friday is not until November 27th, but already, there are many deals being launched to coincide with iPhone’s bustling preorders. Cyber Monday this year falls on November 30th, but with the deals already in full force, you definitely have a chance to get started on your holiday shopping early this year.

Black Friday will be an ongoing event from now until well after Black Friday. With so many shoppers stuck at home, this year’s best offers will likely be available online. AT&T and Verizon have been leading the charge with some of the season’s best sales, but there will be more deals to come as we get closer to the holidays.

The best iPhone Black Friday deals from 2019

2019’s best iPhone Black Friday deals were all about the iPhone 11. It was the newest model at the time and spurred a whole host of BoGo deals and discounts when you used an eligible trade-in. These deals were both for new and existing customers, ensuring that there was something for everyone last holiday season.

Popular iPhone deals for the 2019 Black Friday season included these special offers. 

iPhone 11

Verizon: $699 sales price 

  • Up to $400 off iPhone 11 with trade-in and Unlimited Plan
  • $400 prepaid MasterCard with Unlimited plan

Best Buy: $699 sales price with Sprint or AT&T service

  • $125 after trade-in
  • $150 off sales price
  • $575 off with eligible iPhone trade-in

iPhone 11 Pro

Best Buy: $999 sales price with Sprint or AT&T service

  • $425 after trade-in
  • $150 discount 
  • $425 off with trade-in

AT&T: $999 sales price

  • $700 off with eligible trade-in and Unlimited plan

iPhone XR

AT&T: $599 sales price

  • Free with 30-month contract

The iPhone deals we expect to see for Black Friday 2020

Much of the year has been spent waiting for the new iPhone 12 models, so we started seeing new iPhone offers coincide with the launch. Already, Apple and several mobile carriers are offering things like BoGo offers, gift cards, accessories and even free phones.

It’s unlikely that the iPhone 12 will have offers as attractive as the older models. Many retailers will probably approach the holidays as a chance to clear off the shelves and shed some of that remaining inventory, so if you’re in the market for an iPhone 11 or another older model, you could find some fantastic deals for your holiday shopping list. 

Where to find the best iPhone deals on Black Friday

Apple products are available from a number of different retailers, which begs to question: is it better to shop directly from the source or buy from a wireless carrier? It all depends.

If you already have a contract with a wireless phone carrier, you may not find the best deals from places like AT&T and Verizon Wireless, because these deals are often bundled with a new service line. Still, there are many other retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target that can save you money through their own Black Friday deals. And, of course, you can go right to the source and purchase directly from Apple for its exclusive in-house deals.

Wherever you prefer to shop, we will keep our finger on the pulse of this year’s greatest deals and bring you the latest and best Black Friday specials as they launch. 

The bottom line

For many, Apple has already made the holiday season brighter with the release of the new iPhone 12. Though one of the more expensive phones available today, there is no doubting the popularity and efficiency of the iPhone and the 12 only promises to be bigger and better.

This season’s Black Friday iPhone deals will make it that much easier to get your hands on the latest model while also ensuring you have money left over for gifts. 

We’ll be obsessively monitoring the holiday’s best deals, so be sure to stop by daily, and we’ll keep you updated with all of the latest steals and deals this 2020 holiday season.

By Lena Borrelli

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