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Compare the best phone deals

Looking for a great price on a new phone? Most mobile providers offer heavy discounts when you switch carriers or open a new line. Here are the best deals going right now.

The best phone deals of 2021

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Phone deals aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be. A few years ago, heavily discounted phone upgrades were built into your contract. As long as you stayed loyal to your phone company, you could expect to get the latest smartphone for cheap.

Today, phone deals are almost always reserved for customers who switch carriers, open a new unlimited data line and commit to a two-year contract. All of the big three carriers — AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon — offer interest-free payment plans on their phones, regardless of whether you’re a new customer or not. 

Here are the best phone deals available right now from all the major carriers: 

Compare iPhone prices

It’s no secret the iPhone is popular. Nearly half of all the smartphones in the U.S. are made by Apple, and that share has only grown in recent years. But they’re also some of the most expensive devices, with iPhones costing north of $1,000. 

While they might be the most expensive brand of phones, they’re also the most frequently discounted. Every major wireless carrier has great deals on iPhones for customers who add a new unlimited data line. Here’s how the prices compare for the top carriers.

In addition to the discounted prices listed here, you can often save even more when you trade in an eligible phone. Many carriers advertise “free iPhone on us” deals with trade-ins, but they typically require a model released in the past couple years.

Compare Samsung Galaxy prices

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are almost as expensive as iPhones, but good deals from wireless carriers are harder to come by. AT&T has the best deals on Samsung phones, with the Galaxy A51 5G UW even available for just $150 when you commit to paying it off over 30 months.

If you’re looking to upgrade more than one phone, Verizon also has a “buy one, get one free deal” going with Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S20 5G UW and S20 Ultra 5G. That adds up to as much as $1,000 in savings in some cases.

Compare LG phone prices

Along with Apple and Samsung, LG is the third major smartphone manufacturer in the U.S., with about 10% of sales so far in 2020. While its phones aren’t quite as popular as they were a few years ago, LG still makes some of the best devices out there.

Overall, prices don’t vary as much for LG smartphones as they do for Apple and Samsung. What you see is usually what you’ll pay, but you can find some solid deals through most carriers. Verizon is currently offering the K51 free with a new line, and you can get the LG Velvet 5G half off through AT&T.

Compare Motorola phone prices

Motorola’s phone prices are significantly cheaper than most smartphones, and many carriers discount them even further. The only catch is that Verizon and T-Mobile are the only major wireless carriers that sell them. That said, if you’re considering a switch to one of these providers, most Motorola phones are significantly discounted, and some are available entirely for free.

Cellphone FAQs

What is an unlocked cellphone?

An “unlocked phone” simply means that it’s not tied to one specific wireless network. When you buy a new phone through a carrier, you can only use it with that same carrier. Once you’ve paid off the phone or satisfied certain terms, you’re usually able to unlock it and use it on a different network. That said, each wireless carrier has its own rules and processes for unlocking phones.

If your phone is compatible with the network you’re switching to, you will usually be able to bring it over without much of an issue. Some older phones are limited to one network, but if you bought it in the past several years, it should work on any network. If the phone itself is compatible, you’ll then have to get it unlocked by your current provider, which usually requires having the device paid off in full.

Yes. You can still purchase flip phones through every major wireless carrier, and some of them can even connect to the internet using your data. Averaging around $100, they are usually significantly cheaper than the latest smartphones.

If you want to access a 5G wireless connection, you’ll need a 5G phone. 5G still isn’t very widespread — T-Mobile has the widest coverage, reaching around 20% of its customers — but every carrier is racing to build the fastest 5G network. Most of them don’t charge extra for 5G access, either. If you already have an unlimited plan, you’ll likely be able to connect to 5G with a compatible phone.

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