Visible Wireless plans, phones and coverage: Everything you need to know


Sep 16, 2020 — 7 min read

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  • Only offers one plan with unlimited talk, text and data for $40/mo.
  • Operates on the Verizon 4G LTE network
  • Directly owned by Verizon, so data isn’t throttled like other MVNOs that use its network
  • One of the cheapest unlimited data plans available

Visible Wireless is a prepaid phone company owned by Verizon, offering broad coverage on the Verizon 4G network. If you’re looking for excellent coverage with lower prices and zero contracts, Visible Wireless is one of the best options around. 

As a prepaid carrier, it offers a single plan where you can pay as you go and choose to cancel your service at any time. Visible Wireless makes it simple by offering a comprehensive plan at $40/mo., instead of making customers choose between endless options and add-ons. 

Visible Wireless caters to younger consumers who may be purchasing their first phone or looking for a simple cell service. The company tends to run many appealing promotions, like $200 prepaid Mastercards for new customers or free Bose headphones.

Visible phone plans

One comprehensive plan available for $40/mo.

Visible Wireless only offers one plan, making it simple to get coverage fast. At $40/mo. for a single line, you’ll have access to unlimited data, talk and text. A mobile hotspot is also included, though Visible caps its speed at 5 Mbps. With the Visible plan, your streaming quality is limited to 480p. Yet, it’s truly unlimited and there’s no data cap to throttle your download speeds. 

Family plans

Visible’s family plans are called Party Pay. Like other providers, you can bundle multiple lines on the same plan to save money as a group. With Party Pay, users can pay as little as $25/mo. for up to four lines.

How do Visible Wireless’s prices compare?

At $40/mo., Visible’s unlimited data plan is one of the cheapest around. Only Mint Mobile offers a significantly cheaper price, and you’ll have to pay for a whole year upfront to get it. When compared to the unlimited data plans from bigger carriers like Verizon and AT&T, Visible is around half the price. 

Visible Wireless phones

Visible offers promotional gifts, deals and monthly financing on select phones.

Visible Wireless carries most of the top phones on the market, though you won’t find as good of deals as you would through bigger carriers. For example, you can get a Samsung Galaxy A51 for as low as $384 retail price, but an Apple iPhone 11 Pro will cost $984 (only slightly cheaper than retail). 

Monthly financing through Affirm 

To help you afford the phone that meets your needs, Visible offers 0% APR financing through Affirm. Regardless of which phone you choose, you can choose to pay it off over a 12, 18 or 24-month period. 

Bring your own phone 

If you own your phone and want to transfer it to Visible Wireless, you can do so easily. Online, the company lets you see if your phone is compatible. To transfer your phone, you just have to sign up for Visible service and provide your information. Within the next day, you’ll receive a SIM card in the mail to activate your phone for Visible Wireless. You’ll also receive a free $50 Mastercard Prepaid Virtual Account as an added perk.

Visible Wireless deals

Nearly every customer can enjoy free promotions through Visible.

Since Visible’s single unlimited plan is already an excellent deal, there aren’t as many additional opportunities for savings. The best promo to help cut down costs is to take advantage of the $15 off your first month. Every new customer can enjoy this deal, though it isn’t clear how long the promo may last. 

Other than the discounted introductory period, every customer will also enjoy free promotional perks in one form or another. If you’re carrying over your current phone, you’ll receive a $50 prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account. For most phones that you purchase through Visible, you’ll get either a similar prepaid gift card or trending products like Bose headphones. 

Visible Wireless coverage

Visible customers access the top-rated Verizon wireless network.

For a low monthly cost, Visible Wireless offers reliability and excellent coverage. Whether you’re looking for service to chat with friends and family or need more strong overage for business, Visible is an excellent option. 

Visible Wireless uses the Verizon wireless network, which is consistently rated as one of the best networks in the U.S. One important thing to keep in mind is that Visible Wireless is not a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which typically rents space on other networks. Instead, Verizon directly owns the brand. This means that even though it may experience some throttling depending on the network bandwidth, Verizon will still prioritize Visible customers over MVNOs that lease space on the network. 

How is Visible Wireless’s 5G network?

Though Verizon offers 5G coverage, Visible doesn’t currently provide access to 5G. Instead, the carrier taps into Verizon’s 4G LTE coverage, which covers about 99% of the U.S. Visible offers a coverage map online so you can view your specific area and determine your coverage. Since the Verizon network is highly rated for reliability, it’s rare that your coverage will fall short. Keep in mind that your coverage may vary depending on weather, terrain and the device you use

How does Visible Wireless compare to other prepaid phone companies?

Compared to other prepaid phone plans, Visible Wireless offers one of the best values around. Instead of offering complicated packages, you only have to sign up for one plan and determine the number of lines you need. At $40/mo., it’s hard for other carriers to compete. 

The only other prepaid carriers that offer similar pricing are Ultra Mobile, Tello and Mint Mobile, which each offer cheaper unlimited plans. The downside with Visible is that you could find an even cheaper plan with other prepaid carriers that offer small data plans. With some carriers, you could pay as low as $15/mo. for 2-3GB. 

In terms of coverage, Visible clearly stands out from the rest. Not only does it offer the most reliable network (Verizon), but it’s also a more reliable brand. Most other prepaid phone plans are on MVNOs, which only lease space on larger networks. Since Verizon owns Visible, you won’t experience faulty coverage. 

Visible Wireless customer service

Since Visible Wireless is a small brand owned by Verizon, it doesn’t offer the same level of customer service and support. Visible doesn’t have physical stores or in-person support, which can make the purchasing process easier for some and annoying for others. To get in touch with Visible, you have a few online options:

Visible Wireless FAQs

How does Visible Wireless work?

Visible Wireless is a prepaid phone provider that offers one plan starting at $40/mo. The single plan offers unlimited talk, text and data, and you can also add up to four lines with discounted pricing. Verizon Wireless owns Visible Wireless, so you get to use Verizon’s top-rated network at a cheaper price point. 

Which phones work with Visible Wireless?

With Visible Wireless, you can keep your current phone if it’s a compatible Apple or Android device. Online, Visible offers a simple form to fill out your current phone’s information and find out if it’s compatible. If so, you can receive a SIM card through next-day shipping and activate your phone on the Visible network as soon as possible. If you’re purchasing a phone through Visible, there’s a limited selection, but it offers some of the top phones on the market including the iPhone 11, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S20. 

What network is Visible Wireless on?

Visible Wireless uses the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, which is available throughout nearly 99% of the U.S. Verizon owns Visible, so it isn’t an MVNO that just leases space. With Visible, you may have even better, more direct coverage. 

Should you switch to Visible Wireless?

Visible Wireless offers a simple, budget-friendly option for purchasing a new phone and cellular plan. Since it’s a prepaid provider, you’ll pay a set amount each month without the hassle of contracts. Visible only offers one plan starting at $40/mo. for one line, and it includes unlimited talk, text and data

Where some customers might appreciate Visible’s simplicity, others may want more customization and support. Unlike major carriers or some MVNOs, Visible doesn’t have physical locations or in-person support. The company only offers customer assistance through online chat and social media. Furthermore, the company has a relatively small phone offering, so it might not have the device you’re looking for. 

Overall, Visible’s plan is hard to beat if you’re looking to set up unlimited service quickly and save money on your cellphone bill.

By Claire Bough