UNREAL Mobile plans, phones and coverage: Everything you need to know


Nov 2, 2020 — 6 min read

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  • No overage charges, activation fee or contract
  • Plans require upfront payment for three months
  • Phone offerings are limited to iPhones
  • Discount available when you pay for six or 12 months upfront
  • Subscribers will have access to AT&T or Sprint network

UNREAL Mobile is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that makes talking and texting possible through a mobile app. Typically, customers use an app for talk and text when connected to Wi-Fi, but UNREAL Mobile’s Premium Voice option, which is a service upgrade, allows you to talk and text without the app or Wi-Fi if you purchase the Premium SIM card.  

Similar to other prepaid carriers, UNREAL Mobile offers monthly plans that include talk, text and data. There is no plan that is free, but the carrier still offers affordable options that are less expensive than other prepaid carriers. And with UNREAL Mobile’s recent partnership with Red Pocket Mobile, you can expect some changes, including improved service and availability. 

UNREAL Mobile phones

UNREAL Mobile’s phone offerings are limited to the most recently released iPhone models.

Unlike other prepaid carriers with a selection of both iOS and Android devices, UNREAL Mobile only offers iOS devices to its customers. Unfortunately, they aren’t discounted at all. You’ll pay the sticker price no matter what iPhone you choose. 

If you don’t wish to purchase a new iPhone, you have the option to bring your own phone to UNREAL Mobile. The device must be an unlocked GSM device, and you can join UNREAL Mobile by purchasing one month of service, which includes the SIM card needed to access UNREAL Mobile’s network.

Phone financing 

Financing is not an option when purchasing a device from UNREAL Mobile. If you’re not bringing your own phone and want to purchase an UNREAL Mobile device, you will need to pay upfront the full price for the phone. 

Bring your own phone

UNREAL Mobile allows GSM and CDMA devices to be used, but the Bring your Own Phone program offered is designed for CDMA or Sprint devices. This is because the process of signing up for service, which requires the phone to be unlocked and a new SIM card to be inserted, is different from the sign up process for those with GSM phones. 

UNREAL Mobile plans

You can choose between 3GB, 8GB and 12GB data plans that include unlimited talk and text. 

UNREAL Mobile Service is paid for upfront for either three, six or 12 months. The prices listed above for the introductory plan are available only for the first three months of service. Once service is renewed, you will be charged the standard three-month rate. At the time of renewal, you also have the option to purchase six or 12 months of service. When opting for the 12-month plan, you will pay the three-month intro rate for the year. 

Additional services

For an additional fee, you can add on services to your monthly plan: 

  • Data Roll Over: Up to 500MB of data will roll over to the next billing cycle.
  • Data Roll Over Plus: Up to 1GB of data will roll over to the next billing cycle. 
  • Data Saver: Data is compressed, so customer data usage shows as less. 
  • Ad Blocking: Block ads appearing in apps and on the internet. 
  • Private Internet: By creating a private connection, this service ensures your phone phone calls, texts and data are protected from third parties. 

How do UNREAL Mobile’s prices compare?

Along with Mint Mobile, UNREAL Mobile’s plans are the cheapest of any wireless carrier. If you only need a limited amount of data every month, you won’t find lower prices anywhere else. What’s more, all of UNREAL’s plans come with unlimited talk and text. If you want to purchase additional data, you can do so for $10, which will get you 500MB, or $15, which will get you 1GB.  

UNREAL Mobile deals

UNREAL Mobile offers customers deals like discounted bulk pricing and referral subscription credits. 

You can take advantage of UNREAL Mobile’s bulk discount by selecting the 12-month plan. When purchasing the 12-month plan, you will get the introductory pricing that is available for the three-month plan, which is $15, $20 or $25/mo. depending on the amount of data included in the plan. 

Referring a friend to UNREAL Mobile can also earn you a subscription credit of $20. To get the credit, the friend must sign up using the referral link and have active service for 30 days. The $20 credit will then be deducted from your monthly bill. The subscription credit has no expiration, and you can earn an unlimited amount of credits from referrals. 

UNREAL Mobile coverage

UNREAL Mobile customers have access to two networks: Sprint and AT&T, so coverage may be different for every customer depending on which network they are on. 

Reviewing the various scores given using third party metrics, AT&T has Sprint beat in all categories except for reception. When considering the scores received by all carriers for consistency, overall performance, 4G coverage experience and data, Sprint has come in last . 

Although there is a low reception score for both carriers, UNREAL Mobile customers are likely to have a better experience using a GSM phone that operates on AT&T’s network.

How is UNREAL Mobile’s 5G network?

Unfortunately, UNREAL Mobile does not currently support 5G on any of its plans. You’ll be connected to 4G LTE speeds exclusively.

How does UNREAL Mobile compare to other prepaid phone companies?

UNREAL Mobile beats competitors in plan pricing. Although there isn’t an unlimited data option, you still have plenty of data for things like social networking, checking email and surfing the web. Additionally, the availability of AT&T’s and Sprint’s networks offers them solid coverage and speed. 

Where the carrier falls short is its availability of devices. It has a select number of phones available for purchase, and they are all iPhones, which may not appeal to you if you are strictly an Android user. However, the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program makes it possible if you’d rather use an Android device than purchase an iPhone. 

UNREAL Mobile customer service


Who owns UNREAL Mobile?

UNREAL Mobile is owned by Red Pocket Mobile. 

How do you unlock an UNREAL Mobile phone?

To unlock an UNREAL Mobile device, it is recommended that the phone meet certain criteria: 

  • Device is not associated with fraud or a fraudulent account.
  • Device cannot be reported as lost or stolen.
  • Device has been on an active UNREAL Mobile plan for no less than 360 days.

If the above criteria is met, a request to unlock the device can be submitted to support@UNREALmobile.com. However, devices that do not meet the criteria can still be approved based on UNREAL Mobile’s discretion. 

What network is UNREAL Mobile on?

The network used is based on the mobile device. A GSM phone is on AT&T’s networks, while a CDMA phone is on Sprint’s network. 

Should you switch to UNREAL Mobile?

With UNREAL Mobile’s plan offerings, anyone looking for an affordable phone service may find this prepaid carrier appealing. The introductory rate for new customers and the discount offered if you purchase the 12-month plan allows you to save significantly. And with the referral subscription credit that can be earned from referring friends, there is even more money to be saved. 

However, if you are not bringing your own phone and plan to purchase a device from UNREAL Mobile, you will be choosing from a limited selection of iPhones, which includes the most recent models that tend to be on the more expensive side. If you have concerns about the selection of phones and plans, it’s a good idea to explore what other prepaid carriers have to offer.

By Kristina Byas