Ting Mobile plans, phones and coverage: Everything you need to know


Sep 16, 2020 — 6 min read

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  • Pay as you go with no contracts required
  • Many discounted phones available
  • Uses the T-Mobile network
  • Bring your existing phone to your Ting plan
  • 60+ countries included in plans with no international charges

Owned by DISH as of Aug. 1, 2020, Ting Mobile is one of the most popular pay-as-you-go cellphone plans in the U.S. The company has more than 280K subscribers and uses the T-Mobile network to provide a pretty impressive coverage map to its customers. 

You pay for what you use with Ting, so you aren’t stuck with one expensive monthly bill for minutes or data you’ll never use. The other main benefit for this type of billing is a lack of a contract. That means no expensive cancellation if you move or want to switch carriers

If you want the latest devices for the best prices, you may not love the company’s limited phone selection, but you can choose from multiple brands — including Apple and Samsung. On the plus side, Ting Mobile customers are free to bring an outside device to the network in most cases. 

Ting Mobile phones

Ting Mobile offers older model phones, often at a discount of up to $100. 

There’s no way around it — bigger carriers like AT&T and Verizon have a much larger phone selection than Ting. But that’s pretty standard for prepaid or pay-as-you-go phone plans. Ting only offers about a dozen phones to choose from, but you’ll usually score way better prices than you’d pay for a brand new model from other wireless carriers

Phones all come with a SIM card, and financing is available with Ting partner Affirm. All new devices purchased from Ting come with a one-year manufacturer warranty, and refurbished devices have a 30-day warranty (all warranties based on the original date of sale).

As you can see, Ting doesn’t compete with other major carriers when it comes to providing deals on new models. However, you can choose from multiple Samsung devices, as well as Apple, LG and Motorola with the operating system (and most of the features) you want. 

Ting Mobile financing

If your credit history is new or you’re trying to increase your score, the partner Ting works with to finance can probably work with you. Affirm offers payments over 12, 18 and 24 months, with rates that range from 0-30% APR. Rates may be as low as 0% for 12 months, 10% for 18 months or 10% for 24 months on approved credit. 

Ting Mobile international calling

If you have family abroad, you may love Ting. Ting’s minutes are global minutes (that means no extra roaming charges) for dozens of countries — including Canada, Mexico, England, Australia and more. 

Ting Mobile bring your own phone

Ting lets you bring your own device to the network. Keeping in mind that the device must be compatible with the T-Mobile network, most phones can successfully move to Ting. Checking to see if your device is compatible is easy using your phone’s IMEI number

Ting Mobile plans

Ting doesn’t have traditional plans, just lines that are grouped under the same account for big savings and easy billing.

Ting Mobile doesn’t have traditional phone plans, just lines. It’s an à la carte service, and all lines pool their usage. For example, if a household has three lines and sets a 1,000 text allowance, they can only text 1,000 times per month collectively. You are able to set hard limits for each device or your entire line pool, but it’s not required. Customers can also set alerts to let them know when they’re reaching a certain threshold. Either way, you will settle up at the end of the month based on only what you used.

Ting won’t set call, text or data limits for your phone lines. You will fall into one of six categories (with $0 for “no use” always the lowest option). If you don’t text for an entire month, you just won’t pay for any texting. The Ting dashboard allows you to track your usage and estimated bill throughout the month. 

Family plans

Since Ting operates based on line usage, the one reliable cost each month will be for the number of lines on the account. There is no limit to the number of lines that can be added to the same account (business accounts are available for shared professional mobile accounts).

Ting charges just $6 per additional line, no matter how many lines you add to the account. Bear in mind that the texting, data and phone use costs will also increase based on additional users, and those costs may be less predictable based on the habits of the various users. 

How do Ting Mobile’s prices compare?

Because Ting is pay-as-you-go, your monthly bill will depend entirely on your own behavior. That being said, you can usually count on a lower cost than you would with other traditional plan carriers. For instance, an unlimited plan with Verizon can cost as much as $90 for one line. On Ting, one line using the average amount of data, texting and phone minutes would run just $30/mo. 

That said, some carriers are still cheaper than Ting. Mint Mobile, for instance, charges just $30/mo. for unlimited talk, text and data. 

Ting Mobile deals

Ting Mobile focuses on cost cutting every month over periodic discounts. 

Ting doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. You won’t find free streaming services offered here, but you also won’t see a whole lot of extra charges or roaming fees. You can get a number of phones with a $100 discount, and others with $50 and $30 discounts. Other promotions usually fall under the category of giveaways. 

Ting Mobile coverage

Ting taps into major national network coverage. 

Ting network coverage is a bit in flux. The company used to advertise as a T-Mobile network company, but the Sprint merger changed things. Then DISH bought Ting, altering the future yet again. Currently, customers can best gauge their service based on what T-Mobile/Sprint has to offer. 

Currently, customers won’t get the top tier coverage experience on Ting, but with coverage expanding and DISH entering the mobile arena, that could all change in the next few years. 

How is Ting Mobile’s 5G network?

Ting customers benefit from a decent 5G network; Sprint comes in second in the U.S., using mid-band spectrum cables. Speeds are about 114.2 Mbps. The only competitor that beats Sprint is Verizon, though it does so by delivering an impressive 506.1 Mbps. 

The benefit of being on Sprint is that the company’s acquisition by the T-Mobile network means an expanded access to 5G. While T-Mobile used low-band spectrum cables, the expanded availability is still good news for customers. 

How does Ting Mobile compare to other prepaid phone companies?

Unlike most prepaid plans, Ting Mobile requires you to settle up at the end of your billing cycle rather than the beginning. You’re paying after use. Still, you enjoy a pay-for-what-you-use plan that is nearly identical to a prepaid plan. 

In terms of cost, Ting will cost more for data than most people would pay with competitors like Boost or Cricket. For 5GB of data, Ting would charge you $50. Meanwhile, Boost charges just $35 for 10GB and Cricket charges $40 for 10GB. That said, you can save serious data cash by using Wi-Fi often, and the texting charges on Ting are particularly low. 

Ting Mobile customer service

Ting Mobile received an “Excellent” rating from Consumer Reports for both value and customer support. In regards to telemarketing frequency, they are rated “Good.” Customers can count on above-average customer support and limited spam calls from the company. 

Ting Mobile FAQs

How does Ting Mobile work?

Ting Mobile is not a prepaid network, but it does give you similar financial freedom. You can set your own limits each month and you only pay for exactly what you use. You’re not stuck paying for more data that you need, for instance. 

Which phones work with Ting Mobile?

Most phones with a SIM card will work with Ting Mobile. You should always check to make sure your exact make and model will be compatible before signing up. 

What network is Ting Mobile on?

Ting Mobile operated on the T-Mobile network until the company was purchased by Sprint. Now, Ting customers use the national Sprint network.

Should you switch to Ting Mobile?

Ting is a great option for people with limited text and data use who don’t want to pay for more coverage than they actually consume. It’s also a wise option for people who frequently call overseas. People seeking a more reliable bill or who think they may have a lot of data needs should probably look elsewhere. 

By Lara Vukelich