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What you need to know about Sprint’s cellphone plans

Virginia Brown
Virginia Brown

Aug 11, 2020 — 6 min read

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  • Most people will do just fine with one of Sprint’s unlimited plans, which all come with free subscriptions to Hulu, and some include Amazon Prime and TIDAL
  • Sprint doesn’t have pay-what-you use plans, only unlimited, which keeps it simple, but also, in a word, limited
  • Sprint offers special discounts for seniors (55+) and military personnel

Wondering if Sprint is a good choice for your mobile needs? In short, maybe.

First, the good news: Sprint keeps it simple. All of Sprint’s plans include unlimited nationwide talk, text and data. If you choose one of Sprint’s three plans — Basic, Plus or Premium — you’ll also get access to a mobile hotspot, with speeds ranging from 50MB to 500MB, based on the plan you take. 

And aside from alleviating the worry of overage charges and data caps, you’ll also get access to Hulu, Amazon Prime, TIDAL and possibly other perks, depending on the level of plan you choose. 

As a final added benefit, with Global Roaming, you’ll also get free text and basic streaming in 200 destinations worldwide.

The downside? Sprint puts a premium on this level of access and these “added” perks, and will charge you for it. If you’re someone who’s looking for a minimal, non-unlimited plan, Sprint probably isn’t the carrier for you, but, if unlimited is what you seek, Sprint does offer some good deals.

Sprint unlimited data plans 

  • All of Sprint’s unlimited data plans include nationwide talk, text and data
  • With Global Roaming, you’ll also get free text and basic streaming in 200 destinations worldwide
  • A hotspot also comes with each plan, with speeds ranging from 50MB to 500MB, based on the plan you take
  • You’ll get access to subscriptions like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and TIDAL

As mentioned above, all of Sprint’s plans include unlimited nationwide talk, text and data. You’ll also get access to a mobile hotspot, with speeds ranging from 50MB to 500MB, and access to Hulu, Amazon Prime and other services. 

What’s more, Sprint offers deeper discounts to members of the military or seniors over 55 years old. There’s also an unlimited plan both for smartwatches and tablets. 

Keep in mind that all of these plans’ pricing require new lines and may change in the future (these prices usually stick for about a year and then the promotion ends).

Sign-up promotions

Each of Sprint’s unlimited plans also comes with some type of added perk, from a Hulu subscription alone to Hulu and TIDAL duos, to a four-pack of perks that throws in Amazon Prime and Lookout. Whether these perks are of value to you is the main question. If you already have Prime, for example, and you’re paying over $100/year, you may want to consider keeping your free delivery, music and streaming video by rolling it in with a Sprint Unlimited Premium plan.

You could look into a basic, cheaper plan and tack on each of these services separately per month, but it’s a safe bet that if you use one or more of these services already, or you’ll find great joy or value in them, it’s worth going in on a higher plan. If, though, you’ll find yourself only using Hulu, for example, you may want to go with a more affordable plan and simply subscribe to Hulu separately.

Sprint discounts

Clean Slate/$650 back

With another carrier now? Sprint will cover your switching costs up to $650, including the balance and fees that may come with your prior phone (excluding tax, plan charges or other non-eligible charges).

All you have to do is move your number over to Sprint’s and start a Flex lease or make a phone purchase. Sprint will then send you a prepaid Mastercard (virtual account) or a prepaid Mastercard (hard copy) for your costs (minus a phone trade-in credit).

For seniors

If you are 55 or older, you can save with Sprint’s 55-Unlimited plan. With this offer, if you switch to Sprint and get two lines of Unlimited, you’ll pay $35/mo. per line, totaling $70/mo. If you’re a single senior and only need one line, you’ll pay $50. You have to make an appointment with your local store to sign up for this offer in person. Note: Sprint adds in the fine print that speeds are slower with this plan and those on the plan will be deprioritized given any network congestion. Good if you don’t use your phone a ton; not so good if you work from home or rely heavily on your wireless connection. 

For military personnel

As an added perk for serving our country, Sprint offers current military personnel a 50% discount on family plans. Save half with two (and up to six) lines if you are a veteran or on active military duty. You have to sign up for the largest unlimited plan (Premium) and you must activate a new line. Once the company has verified your military service, you’ll also receive ad-supported Hulu and Amazon Prime, among other perks.

Unlimited for the whole family

With the unlimited plan for the whole family, Sprint offers four new phones, including four new phone numbers (lines) for $100/mo. We think that’s a pretty good deal and saves a ton of time spent tracking usage or paying for unintended overages. 

Add a line and save

In need of a new phone and have good credit? Sprint offers you a way to get the Samsung Galaxy S20 (5G) for $15/mo. (after $26.67/mo. credit, applied within two bill cycles). This offer requires an 18-month lease, along with a new line of service, and your credit will need approval. Keep in mind that tax will also be tacked on to the final bill, and if you cancel early, you’ll owe the remaining balance due. 

Use the budget-friendly filter

It’s refreshing to see that Sprint recognizes that not everyone is looking to break the bank on their cellphone. Choose from major brands like Apple, Samsung and LG to select a phone that fits your needs.

Keep in mind that, with all of Sprint’s phone offers, if you’re not satisfied within the first month, the company will refund your device costs and charges at 100%.

How do Sprint’s plans compare to other carriers?

As mentioned before, Sprint keeps it simple. And that’s a good thing, most of the time. But sometimes customers like more options. Sprint’s prices and plans compare well overall to its competitors, and they average a bit lower in price, especially the more lines you sign up (four lines of unlimited runs just $100/mo.). 

But what Sprint offers in simplicity, it may lack in consumer options. If you are looking for unlimited talk and text, for example, but want to pay less for the limited data you use, there isn’t a clear bargain deal or a pay-as-you-go option. They’re all unlimited. 

As our society becomes more and more reliant, especially during the pandemic, on virtual platforms and streaming, this seems to be the wave of the future for most of the major carriers anyway. 

Sprint also does a good job offering perks and benefits to our military personnel and seniors, though they do indicate these discounted plans are the first to have issues (read: deprioritized) when the network is having issues. That may lead to speed or connectivity concerns in the long run. 

Sprint FAQs

Is Sprint part of T-Mobile?

Yes. Sprint and T-Mobile have merged. Together, they offer nationwide 5G that reaches more cities and towns than any other carrier. 

Is Sprint better with T-Mobile?

According to Consumer Reports Reception Scores and other metrics, yes. Sprint raised its profile from Fair to Very Good on multiple counts by merging with T-Mobile. Its J.D. Power customer care score is significantly higher, and its ACSI rating improved as well. 

Can I bring my phone with me if I switch to Sprint?

Yes. All you have to do is make sure your phone is compatible, which you can easily and quickly do on the website.

Does Sprint sell used phones?

Yes. Sprint offers dozens of pre-owned and budget-friendly phones if your existing phone is incompatible or if you don’t want to spend a whole lot on your device.