Simple Mobile plans, phones and coverage: Everything you need to know


Nov 3, 2020 — 6 min read

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  • 30-day prepaid plans starting as low as $25/mo.
  • Keep your own phone for just $0.99
  • Enjoy discounts for each additional line
  • Choose from two types of unlimited data plans with varying hotspot access

True to its name, Simple Mobile offers one of the easiest ways to get cellular coverage and mobile phones without hassles or contracts. If you’re looking for basic cellular coverage along with data plans, Simple Mobile lets you choose from cost-effective options starting as low as $20/mo. 

Simple Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it leases network space rather than owning and operating its own cellular towers. With Simple Mobile, you’ll have access to the T-Mobile network with up to 5G data speeds. 

Simple Mobile offers prepaid plans, meaning you pay a set price at the beginning of each month to access a set amount of data or unlimited data. If you go over the data allowed in your plan, Simple Mobile with throttle your speeds to as low as 2G. 

Overall, Simple Mobile offers a budget-friendly way to access unlimited data as well as call and text basics. Find out more and decide which Simple Mobile plan is best for you. 

Simple Mobile phones

Simple Mobile offers some of the top iOS and Android phones on the market while also making it easy to transfer your current eligible device.

Like other carriers, Simple Mobile offers the newest versions of iOS and Android devices, but you won’t get much of a discount on them. But it does offer better deals on some of the older models. For example, an iPhone 12 is available for $830 — slightly above retail — but you can get an iPhone 7 for just $199. 

We found that the iPhone 7 is one of the best deals Simple Mobile offers on Apple devices. The two-year payment plan doesn’t include fees, and your monthly price can be as low as $8.33.

For Android users, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy A20 for just $149.99 or $6.25/mo. on a two-year payment plan. To access either phone plan, you’ll need to purchase one of Simple Mobile’s monthly plans as well, ranging from 3GB to 15GB or unlimited data. 

If you’d like to stick with your current device on Simple Mobile, you can purchase a Keep Your Own Phone SIM Kit for just $0.99. Keep in mind that your phone needs to be GSM or T-Mobile compatible to transfer to Simple Mobile. 

Simple Mobile plans

Choose from five different mobile plans with discounts for customers who autopay. 

Simple Mobile’s prepaid plans offer 30 days of service. You pay at the beginning of the month for your plan to cover a set amount of talk, text and data. For all of Simple Mobile’s plans, you get unlimited talk and text in the U.S. as well as unlimited international text. Some international calling and roaming are included, and Simple Mobile also offers a $10 credit for calling other international destinations not included.

If you’re looking for a good option for your family or roommate, Simple Mobile does let you add multiple lines. Instead of charging the standard line price, you’ll get a small discount for every line you add. For example, a single line on the 5GB plan is $30, while adding two lines brings your total to $80 instead of $90. 

With the unlimited data plans, your data is only throttled if you use your phone’s hotspot. That’s why Simple Mobile breaks the unlimited options into two packages for either 5GB or 15GB of hotspot data. 

How do Simple Mobile’s plan prices compare?

Simple Mobile deals

Earn points, refer friends and redeem local discounts to help save more money.

While Simple Mobile’s plans are already cheaper compared to major networks, it still offers some savings opportunities for its customers. Every customer can enjoy a discount when you enroll in Auto Reup, which means you’re automatically billed for your next month’s service. Savings differ with each plan, but you can take off as much as $5/mo. with Auto Reup.

Simple Mobile also offers discounts for students, such as 30% off a phone and plan purchase. On the Simple Mobile site, you can find additional rewards and offers. The company includes a referral program so you can enjoy free service with a referral code. There’s also a Simple Mobile point system that lets you cash in for being a loyal customer. You can earn points through things like Auto Reup and redeem on everything from service plans to data add-ons. 

Simple Mobile coverage

Access T-Mobile’s highly rated nationwide network of coverage through Simple Mobile.

All in all, most third-party sources grade T-Mobile’s network as a reliable and fast wireless option. It’s a good idea to check T-Mobile’s coverage map before you sign up for Simple Mobile, but chances are good that you’ll experience a strong connection wherever you live.

How is Simple Mobile’s 5G network?

Since Simple Mobile uses the T-Mobile network, it includes 5G connectivity throughout the U.S. Yet, when diving into what that performance means, it falls short in a network comparison. According to Open Signal, T-Mobile’s 5G coverage in the U.S. offers the slowest download speeds out of nine other providers. 

A separate study shows that T-Mobile has more 5G coverage than most other operators, but it still has the slowest speeds. While connecting through Simple Mobile, you’ll likely experience even slower speeds than direct T-Mobile customers. 

How does Simple Mobile compare to other prepaid phone companies?

Compared to other prepaid carriers, Simple Mobile is on the cheaper side at about $5.67 per gig. With Simple Mobile, you can enjoy a 3GB plan for as low as $25, while other popular MVNOs, like Boost Mobile, offer 3GBs for $35 or more. 

Simple Mobile offers coverage on the T-Mobile network, which is the same as larger brands including Boost Mobile. Because Simple Mobile is a smaller carrier, there isn’t as much available about customer sentiment. Customers tend to leave varying reviews about affordability yet question some of the information about its plans, such as unlimited data. 

Simple Mobile customer service

You can reach Simple Mobile a few different ways:

  • Online chat support is available from 8 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. EST, seven days a week through the Simple Mobile website
  • Reach customer service over the phone at 877.878.7908 from 8 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. EST, seven days a week
  • Mail your questions or concerns to the Simple Mobile Corporate office at the following address:

    SIMPLE Mobile Corporate Office
    ATTN: Executive Resolution Department
    9700 NW 112th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33178

Simple Mobile FAQs

Who owns Simple Mobile?

América Móvil owns Simple Mobile, which is also Tracfone’s parent company (another similar MVNO). 

How do I unlock a Simple Mobile phone?

Simple Mobile’s unlocking policy requires you to request an unlock as a current or former customer. The phone must have been activated for at least 12 months, and Simple Mobile will not unlock your phone if it’s been reported lost or stolen. 

What network is Simple Mobile on?

Simple Mobile is an MVNO that leases the T-Mobile network.

Should you switch to Simple Mobile?

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a contract phone plan, Simple Mobile is certainly a cost-effective option. The company offers most of the same popular devices at a fraction of the costs. While most larger networks charge around $50 to $60 per line, Simple Mobile charges closer to $25-$30. 

The biggest downside with Simple Mobile is limited connectivity. Though it uses the T-Mobile network, the 5G connectivity isn’t as good compared to other carriers. You can choose from two different unlimited data plans, but you only get 5GB or 15GB of hotspot data between the two plans. 

Overall, Simple Mobile is a good choice for users who are looking to simplify their mobile use and cut costs.

By Claire Bough