Republic Wireless plans, phones and coverage: Everything you need to know


Nov 5, 2020 — 6 min read

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  • Affordable options without contracts or credit checks
  • Runs on Sprint and T-Mobile networks
  • Can’t currently use iPhones with Republic Wireless
  • Customer service could use some improvement, but there is 24/7 availability
  • High customer satisfaction rate comparative to competitors

Republic Wireless is one of the leading providers for those who opt for the financial benefits that prepaid phone plans can offer. Since starting in 2010, Republic Wireless is one of the few services that work directly with Sprint and T-Mobile to use their networks, but not both in tandem. 

When users subscribe to the affordable phone service, they will almost exclusively be on one of the major networks, dependent on location. For those looking for domestic roaming support, you are in luck, but most Republic plans only support voice roaming, not data. There are Republic Refund 2.0 plans that support data roaming.

Republic plans work like most prepaid cellphone plans; customers will pay for their usage upfront instead of at the end of the month. Many people opt for this option because it keeps overage fees or roaming charges from sneaking up on them when their bill comes around. Prepaid plans are ideal options for those looking to pay less than what is offered by the Big Four and their phone plans that are considered postpaid plans. Not to mention, prepaid plans often come with no strings attached — in other words, no contracts or credit checks. 

Republic Wireless has evolved into a desirable prepaid plan that defaults to Wi-Fi. The company calls this “adapted coverage,” which allows the phone to blend Wi-Fi and cellular data. This ensures that customers can experience high-quality sound when using their Republic phone. The same Wi-Fi technology is used for the texting features of the phone plans. Customers even have the option to send texts or make calls from their computer or tablet by utilizing the Republic Anywhere app. 

Something interested users should note is that Republic Wireless is not compatible with Apple devices. Some customers have to give up on the idea of porting their number to a new carrier from Republic Wireless should they choose to move on.

Republic Wireless phones

Republic offers discounts on Google and Samsung phones, but iPhones won’t work on its network.

Republic Wireless has some desirable phones and prices on their network. Apple users will need to be prepared to switch to Android as Republic Wireless does not currently support Apple devices. However, for those who do not mind the switch, or are avid Android users, these phones and prices are not something at which to shake your head. Users also have the option to bring their phones over to Republic Wireless as long as it is compatible with their network. 

Republic Wireless plans

Republic Wireless plans are ideal for those looking for full control over what they pay for, but they lack an unlimited data option

As we stated earlier, prepaid plans give customers the ability to only pay for what they want to use in an upcoming month. Republic Wireless offers unlimited talk and text and the option to pay for the data usage in the month ahead. This allows customers who use limited data to have a cheaper phone plan while not compromising coverage, as well as avoiding overage fees, roaming charges, contracts and credit checks.   

Republic Wireless does allow adding additional lines to an account. However, there aren’t any discounts or any additional benefits by doing so. Those looking for a prepaid family plan may want to look elsewhere, as this is an excellent option for single users or couples looking for an inexpensive phone plan.

How do Republic Wireless’s prices compare?

Republic Wireless deals

An affordable option that stands up to the test

Republic Wireless does not offer many deals on their plans as their coverage is already for users looking for quality coverage on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks at a lower price. Their plans are very straightforward, and at only $5 per GB of data, users can’t go wrong if they don’t stream a lot. This network offers excellent deals on their compatible smartphones.

Republic Wireless coverage and speed

A reliable network for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles

Don’t let the fact that Republic Wireless is a prepaid network scare you away. Long gone are the days when prepaid networks don’t compare to the more prominent name cellular brands. Through the partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile, Republic Wireless actually offers higher satisfaction rates than some of the more traditional cellphone plan networks.

How is Republic Wireless’s 5G network?

Republic Wireless does offer 5G coverage through its Sprint and T-Mobile network usage. According to Ookla, these networks do not stand up to their competitors AT&T and Verizon, but its availability is still a significant perk. As the industry expands, chances are, so will its performance and capabilities. 

Republic Wireless customer service

Republic Wireless seems to have a significant amount of frequently asked questions answered on their community support posts from other Republic Wireless users. The company recommends that customers go to these support posts and use the extensive community power to help each other out with any issues. This method is a great resource for basic questions about the company, but it is not helpful when it comes down to your account’s specific needs. 

Unfortunately, Republic Wireless does not advertise a phone number for their customer service. However, their website does offer help and is available 24/7 with an option to submit a ticket via their online form

Republic Wireless FAQs

Who owns Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless was started as a subsidiary of but announced it’s independence in December of 2016.

What network does Republic Wireless use?

Republic Wireless utilizes both the Sprint and T-Mobile network. However, not both in tandem. Depending on your location, new users will almost exclusively be on one of the major networks.

Does Republic Wireless offer a family plan?

Republic Wireless does not offer a formal family plan, nor do they offer any discounts or benefits of adding another line to an account. 

Where can I buy a phone compatible with Republic Wireless?

This carrier is compatible with many Android phones, but we say your best bet will be to purchase one directly from their online shop.

Should you switch to Republic Wireless?

On the flip side, the downsides to Republic Wireless may not be worth the switch. For those looking for a prepaid family plan, this may not be the most financially beneficial company to take your business to due to their lack of discounts and benefits for adding multiple lines. Apple device users may also find the switch difficult if you are a loyalist to the hardware. 

All in all, Republic Wireless is a solid choice for those looking to switch to a prepaid phone provider. While their plans do not cater to those who need a lot of data, it is still one of the most affordable options out there when it comes to unlimited talk and text with the opportunity to pay for the data you need. This would be a great option for more mature cellphone users just looking to stay connected to their family members. With access to two of the best networks currently, this is an excellent choice for a simple prepaid phone plan.

By Kristen Bolden