Page Plus Cellular plans, phones and coverage: Everything you need to know


Nov 3, 2020 — 5 min read

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  • Plans starting at $10/mo. for 100MB of data with auto-refill
  • No discounts for including multiple phone lines
  • Uses Verizon Wireless network — the best coverage in the U.S.
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data, talk and text for $50/mo. with auto-refill

Page Plus may be a lesser-known mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) compared to others like Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile, but Page Plus is a solid contender with some of the cheapest phone plans you’ll find anywhere. The company leases space on the Verizon mobile network, which offers some of the best coverage in the U.S. 

To help keep customer costs low, Page Plus offers four monthly plans and four pay-as-you-go plans with the choice of 4G or 3G coverage. Plans start as low as $12 for monthly plans and $10 for pay-as-you-go plans. Customers can also choose add-on services for plans such as additional data and global calling. The add-ons help you create your ideal service while maintaining much lower costs than the larger contract networks. 

Tracfone operates Page Plus to offer prepaid mobile phones throughout the U.S. If you’re looking to cut down phone costs while still enjoying some of the most popular phones on the market, Page Plus is worth looking into.

Page Plus phones

Monthly plans and hassle-free promos available for Apple, Samsung, Google and more.

While enjoying deals on cell service, you can also enjoy similar discounts on mobile phones, including iPhones, Galaxies and more. Page Plus partners with Affirm to offer monthly payment plans starting at 0% APR, which helps keep monthly costs manageable for most customers. 

Unfortunately, if you want some of the newer phones on the market, you won’t enjoy the same types of discounts. Page Plus’s best phone discounts apply to earlier-generation phones. For example, you can purchase a Motorola moto g6 for $80, which is $70 off the standard retail price. But if you want the latest iPhone 12, you’ll have to pay the full price.

If you want to keep your own phone on a Page Plus plan, the company makes it easy for you. You can purchase a 3-in-1 SIM Activation Kit for just $.99. The kit includes nano, micro and standard SIM card to fit a variety of 4G LTE devices. 

Page Plus plans

Page Plus offers monthly and pay-as-you-go plans with add-ons for full customization.

Page Plus only offers prepaid plans, which means you pay ahead of time for minutes, texting and data. Unlike contract plans, prepaid options help you manage your costs more efficiently throughout each month. They can be less helpful for people who travel a lot, require their personal phone for business, or just want more standardized coverage. 

Page Plus offers two plans with unlimited talk and text, and one plan with unlimited talk, text and data. The plans that offer unlimited talk only include a $10 credit for international calls, and you have to include a $9 global add-on if you want additional international minutes. The Fully Unlimited data plan does offer unlimited 4G LTE data, though the company states it may review your account after 60GB of use. The other plans throttle your speeds to 2G after you use the specified amount of data. 

The company does not offer discounts for adding multiple lines to each plan, which could make it a poor choice for families or roommates.

How do Page Plus’s prices compare?

Page Plus deals

Save up to $5 off your phone plan with Page Plus auto-pay.

Aside from some mobile phone discounts, Page Plus offers few discounts and incentives for customers. The one that most customers can take advantage of is applied when you enroll in Auto Pay. Unfortunately, this only applies to customers who choose the monthly prepaid plans instead of the pay-as-you-go plans. The discount grows with each plan. For example, you can get $2 off the $12 plan and $5 off the $55 plan. 

Page Plus coverage

Page Plus customers access the highest-performing Verizon mobile network.

Page Plus uses the Verizon mobile network, which is consistently rated the best in third-party reports and reviews. Just keep in mind that Page Plus leases space on the Verizon network, so direct Verizon customers have the best access to the network, while Page Plus customers essentially access what’s left. 

Still, Verizon is the best network in terms of speed, coverage and overall performance. Consumer Reports data ranks Page Plus “Good” in terms of call reception, and third-party reviewers mirror the rankings. View more in the table below:

Does Page Plus support 5G?

Page Plus’s phone plans do not include 5G data. Instead, the highest data you can access is 4G LTE on Verizon’s network. 

How does Page Plus Cellular compare to other prepaid phone companies?

Overall, Page Plus offers about mid-level prices compared to other MVNOs. In terms of data, you’ll pay about $7.50 per GB on average, while T-Mobile charges $4 per GB for prepaid plans and Cricket Wireless charges $9.50. Consumer Reports rates Page Plus as 83/100 overall, which is on par with most other prepaid providers and ahead of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. 

Page Plus Cellular customer service

You can reach Page Plus a few different ways:

  • Contact customer service over the phone by dialing #CCARE on your Page Plus phone, or call 800.50.2436. The customer service center is open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 11: 45 p.m. EST. 
  • For quick questions, you can also use the Page Plus online chat feature through the company’s website. 

Page Plus Cellular FAQs

Who owns Page Plus?

Tracfone owns Page Plus, which is a subsidiary of América Móvil. 

How can I buy a Page Plus SIM card?

Page Plus offers a SIM activation kit for $0.99 that includes three sizes of SIM cards. You must have a 4G LTE-eligible device to use the Page Plus SIM card.

What network does Page Plus use?

Page Plus leases availability on the Verizon Wireless network.

Should you switch to Page Plus Cellular?

Page Plus doesn’t offer the bells and whistles of some wireless companies, but it helps customers choose the basics. Even though it is a prepaid phone carrier, it isn’t the cheapest out of all MVNOs. Customers can choose from monthly prepaid plans that include data use or opt for pay-as-you-go minutes. 

Page Plus’s better deals are for higher-paying customers. You can enjoy $5 off the unlimited data plan when you enroll in Auto Pay, which is the biggest discount of the most expensive monthly plan. Furthermore, the pay-as-you-go plans are a better deal when you pay more because you’re getting a cheaper dollar amount per minute. 

The best feature that Page Plus has to offer is a connection to the Verizon Wireless network. Verizon is consistently rated high for coverage and high speeds, so they’re one of the better networks for MVNOs.

By Claire Bough