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Everything you need to know about Metro by T-Mobile’s plans


Aug 13, 2020 — 7 min read

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  • Metro by T-Mobile offers four prepaid mobile plans, ranging from 2GB to unlimited data per month
  • Price differences between tiers are minimal, so it’s probably worth opting into an unlimited plan to avoid surprise data overage fees
  • Accounts with four or more lines will see serious savings on the highest-tier plan (you’ll pay $120/mo. for four lines on the $60 Unlimited Plan)
  • Certain plans include extra perks like Google One storage and Amazon Prime membership

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) has a competitive offering that’s worth considering if you’re looking for a prepaid, no-contract plan. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the entire family, Metro by T-Mobile plans are straightforward and well-suited to fit your needs.

On top of unlimited talk and text, here’s what you’ll get with each of the four Metro by T-Mobile plans (prices apply to a single line only):

  • $30/mo. for 2GB data
  • $40/mo. for 10GB data
  • $50/mo. for unlimited data
  • $60/mo. for unlimited data (including Amazon Prime)

We wouldn’t recommend the 2GB plan unless you’re very budget-conscious and don’t use much data — especially considering you can get five times more data for $10 more per month. At $40/mo., the 10GB plan is a good option if you want a bit more monthly data but can rely on Wi-Fi while you’re at home or at work. 

If you’d prefer a plan without data thresholds, you’ll need to choose one of Metro by T-Mobile’s two unlimited plans. We’ll provide a more in-depth look at these two offerings in the next section.

With any of these four plans, you’ll enjoy great coverage provided by the T-Mobile network. On the downside, T-Mobile prioritizes its customers over Metro by T-Mobile customers, so you might experience slower speeds during congested times.

We’ve compiled all of the need-to-know information about Metro by T-Mobile’s plans and features to pick the right one for you. Click the links below to jump straight to a specific section:

Metro by T-Mobile unlimited data plans

Metro by T-Mobile offers two unlimited data plans. The plans themselves are quite similar, but the bonus perks included with each plan vary slightly. Long-time customers may refer to their plan as a Metro PCS unlimited plan.

For individuals or couples, the $50/mo. plan is probably your best bet. Not only will you get unlimited data (including 5GB of hotspot data), but you’ll also get a 100GB subscription to Google One if you have an Android device.

For families who need four or more lines, the $60/mo. plan is incredibly cost-effective. Formerly referred to as Metro PCS family plans, you’ll benefit from limitless monthly data across all of the phones on your account. Just like with the other unlimited plan, you’ll get hotspot data (increased to 15GB on this plan) and the same Google One subscription. As an added bonus, you’ll also score a subscription to Amazon Prime.

Although these plans are technically unlimited, you’ll probably notice reduced speeds if you use more than 35GB before your plan resets.

Extra perks

To sweeten the deal, Metro by T-Mobile includes some tempting extra perks with their plans. The exact deals vary depending on which plan you select, but they could potentially be a deciding factor if you’re still on the fence about buying one of these Metro PCS plans.

If you opt into the 2GB deal, you won’t get any bonus services. Once you move up to the 10GB plan, however, you’ll get access to Metro by T-Mobile’s Music Unlimited service. It’s the only plan to include this service, which lets you stream music from 40+ popular apps like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music — without using your data.

That said, it’s really the unlimited plans that have the most attractive extra perks. As mentioned earlier, both the $50/mo. plan and the $60/mo. plan include a monthly mobile hotspot allowance (up to 5GB and 15GB of data, respectively) and a 100GB storage allowance with Google One for Android users. Plus, the highest-tier plan comes with an Amazon Prime subscription.

But are these add-on services worth it? Let’s take a deeper dive.

If you’re on the 10GB plan, Music Unlimited is a great perk if you’re a big music fan. This plan includes a relatively low amount of data, and streaming music can quickly eat away at it — so it’s a smart way to conserve data for apps and internet browsing, rather than listening to music.

On the other hand, Google One isn’t as compelling a selling point for Metro by T-Mobile. On its own, a 100GB subscription to Google One only costs $1.99/mo., so it’s pretty affordable no matter what carrier you have. Plus, you can only use it if you have an Android phone, so iPhone users can’t even take advantage of this feature.

Finally, there’s no denying that Amazon Prime is an awesome perk to bundle with your phone plan. Normally, an Amazon Prime subscription costs $12.99/mo. If you’re already a member, opting into Metro by T-Mobile’s highest-tier plan would get you unlimited data and save you a few bucks a month on your Amazon Prime subscription. And with Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping, you could save even more in the long run if you use the service for your online shopping. 

If you aren’t already an Amazon Prime member and aren’t interested in signing up, there’s not much reason to consider Metro by T-Mobile’s $60/mo. unlimited package over the $50/mo. version. Also, if you have a student, EBT or Medicaid rate with Amazon Prime, this deal won’t save you any money either.

Metro by T-Mobile discounts

If you don’t need a state-of-the-art smartphone, you could land a pretty good deal by signing up with Metro by T-Mobile. The carrier’s phone deals change from time to time, but you can check out the most up-to-date offerings on the Metro by T-Mobile website.

Switching from another provider could save you some serious cash with Metro by T-Mobile. For example, the company is currently running a deal that allows new customers who sign up to buy an iPhone SE for just $100 or an iPhone 7 for $30.

There’s also an offer for new customers to get a free Samsung Galaxy A10e or LG K51 for switching to Metro by T-Mobile. Plus, you’ll score unlimited data for just $40/mo. For new family plans, you can even get four free LG K51s and unlimited data for $25/mo. on each line.

Outside of smartphones, Metro by T-Mobile advertises enticing deals for tablets and other devices as well. Connect your tablet to the network (or get one for free from Metro by T-Mobile) and pay just $15/mo. for unlimited data. Need high-speed Wi-Fi? Pick up a mobile hotspot from Metro by T-Mobile for $30 when you add a line.

How do Metro by T-Mobile’s plans compare to other carriers?

By this point, you know that Metro by T-Mobile plans are budget-friendly. But how do their prices compare to other popular carriers? 

Overall, there aren’t huge price differences from one carrier to another, with most prepaid plans ranging from $30/mo. per line for 2GB of data to $60/mo. per line (at most) for unlimited data. But Metro by T-Mobile stands out in one area: its unlimited plans offer higher data throttling thresholds (35GB) than other providers.

Please note: Metro by T-Mobile’s plans (formerly called Metro PCS prepaid plans) are prepaid and don’t require you to sign a contract. The prices you see in the following chart represent these carriers’ prepaid offerings, rather than postpaid, lock-in contract rates.

Before signing up with a new carrier, it’s also important to evaluate factors like network coverage and speed. For the most part, Metro by T-Mobile boasts reliable coverage around the country, since it’s part of the T-Mobile brand, which is known for its powerful network. Learn more by checking out this map of Metro by T-Mobile’s coverage, which also compares its network to prepaid competitors like Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile.

Metro by T-Mobile also fares well when it came to customer support, with its parent company outperforming each of its biggest competitors when it comes to key customer care benchmarks. In fact, Consumer Reports readers awarded it an 83/100 overall — higher than any of the “big four” wireless carriers.

Metro by T-Mobile FAQs

Can you visit a T-Mobile store to sign up for Metro by T-Mobile?

No. You’ll need to visit one of the 10,000+ Metro by T-Mobile stores or authorized retailers across the country. In some cases, your local store may still have MetroPCS signage if it hasn’t been rebranded yet.

Are there any taxes and fees in addition to the monthly plan prices?

Like its parent company, Metro by T-Mobile offers all-in pricing, so you won’t see any surprise taxes or fees on your monthly bill. However, new customers will need to pay a one-time activation fee and sales tax when purchasing a new device from Metro by T-Mobile.

Can you bring your existing phone to Metro by T-Mobile?

You can use this handy tool to see if your phone is compatible with the Metro by T-Mobile network. Follow the instructions on the site to put in your phone’s IMEI number and quickly check your compatibility.

Can you keep your phone number if you switch to Metro by T-Mobile?

In most cases, your phone number can be transferred to Metro by T-Mobile. Make sure to verify that your number is eligible when signing up for a new plan with the carrier. To complete the transfer, you’ll need to provide your phone number, the account number from your previous carrier, your previous account PIN and your phone’s IMEI number.

By Taylor Freitas