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The best Metro by T-Mobile phone deals


Aug 19, 2020 — 7 min read

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  • Free Samsung Galaxy A10e or the LG K51 when you switch from another carrier (plus $40/mo. unlimited data for one line)
  • Four free LG K51s when you switch four lines from another carrier (plus $25/mo. unlimited data on each line)
  • New customers can buy the iPhone 7 for $30 or the iPhone SE for $100
  • Other affordable phones available from Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola and more

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) offers prepaid, no-contract cellphone plans with affordable options for unlimited data. The carrier has a good variety of phones, with a range of brands and prices to fit your style and budget.

In general, T-Mobile is upfront and clear about its pricing, and that transparency extends to Metro by T-Mobile as well. With that being said, there’s still some fine print to go over before you sign up with the carrier.

Just like with other major phone companies, you’ll need to switch from another provider in order to take advantage of the best deals on new Metro by T-Mobile phones. Also, you’ll need to sign up in-store to get any of the deals. Fortunately, Metro by T-Mobile has stores all over the country, so chances are there’s one not too far away.

In most cases, you can even bring your own phone if you don’t like any of the options from Metro by T-Mobile. You’ll just need to verify that your old phone is unlocked and compatible with the network.

Since Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid carrier, you won’t have to lock into a contract to score these deals. Instead, you’ll need to buy your device outright and pay for it up-front. And unlike other carriers, Metro by T-Mobile doesn’t give you credit for trading in an older phone.

Metro by T-Mobile iPhone deals

For the most part, Metro by T-Mobile’s iPhone prices align with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. The caveat is that buying a phone from Metro by T-Mobile will require you to pay up-front, whereas the other carriers listed here offer postpaid mobile plans, allowing you to pay for your phone in monthly installments.

iPhone SE deal

Right now, there’s a great deal on the iPhone SE for customers who switch to Metro by T-Mobile from another carrier — but you’ll have to jump through a few hoops. To pick up a 64GB iPhone SE for just $100, you’ll need to visit an in-store location to sign up. At the store, you’ll get a $200 instant rebate on the phone, but you won’t see all the savings of this deal until you’ve paid for six months of service with autopay. After that, Metro by T-Mobile will issue you a $100 virtual prepaid card to apply to your bill.

iPhone XS and XS Max deal

At the moment, Metro by T-Mobile is taking $100 off the price of the 64GB iPhone XS and XS Max for customers switching from other carriers. These discounts take the phone prices down to $800 and $900, respectively. Again, bear in mind that you’ll need to pay for the phone outright when you sign up for service.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus deal

If you’re willing to buy an older iPhone model, you’ve got a few affordable choices. Currently, you can pick up a 32GB iPhone 7 for $30, after an instant rebate and two months of service on autopay. There’s also a deal on a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus for $200, and you won’t have to deal with rebate forms or have to set up autopay.

Metro by T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy deals

Metro by T-Mobile doesn’t have a huge selection of Samsung Galaxy phones, but prices for available models are on par with the company’s competitors. Unfortunately, customers aren’t able to buy the newest Samsung Galaxy models from Metro by T-Mobile. One notable exception is the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, which is the only phone that can be used on the carrier’s 5G network.

Samsung Galaxy A10e deal

Currently, there’s only one deal on Samsung Galaxy phones from Metro by T-Mobile. New customers who switch from another carrier can get a Samsung Galaxy A10e for free. Similar to other Metro by T-Mobile phone deals, you’ll have to set up your service in-store and redeem an instant rebate to see the savings.

Cheap Metro by T-Mobile phones

If you’re budget-conscious, there are plenty of cheap Metro PCS phones from Alcatel, LG, Motorola and similar manufacturers. Right now, Metro by T-Mobile is offering an iPhone 6S for just $30 if you switch from another carrier (down from $450). Apple and most other carriers no longer sell this phone, but you can snap it up from Metro by T-Mobile for a great price if you act quickly.

Many of the phones that Metro by T-Mobile sells are already cheap, so you usually won’t get additional savings off the retail price. Several of these phones are only available through prepaid carriers, like Metro by T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile.

Here are some of the most affordable phones you can buy from Metro by T-Mobile right now: 

  • Alcatel GO FLIP 3 ($100)
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 ($150)
  • Motorola moto e 6th generation ($150)
  • LG Aristo 4 Plus ($160)
  • LG Aristo 5 ($160)
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 ($160)
  • Samsung Galaxy A11 ($190)
  • Alcatel 3V ($190)
  • iPhone 7 Plus ($200)
  • Motorola moto g power 7th generation ($210)

Metro by T-Mobile free phones

We’ve already touched on some of the free phone deals from Metro by T-Mobile, but we’ll dig into them a little more in this section.

If you’re a new customer who only needs a single line of service, you have two options in terms of free phones. First, there’s the Samsung Galaxy A10e, which normally sells for $180 at Metro by T-Mobile. Alternatively, you can opt for the LG K51, which typically costs $190. Either way, your plan will include unlimited data for $40/mo., which is cheaper than a normal unlimited plan from Metro by T-Mobile.

Now for the fine print: Both of these discounts come in the form of instant rebates when you purchase a plan in-store. To qualify for either of these offers, you can’t have an active phone number on the T-Mobile network or have had an active service with Metro by T-Mobile in the past 90 days.

Looking to switch to a Metro by T-Mobile family plan? You can score four free LG K51 phones when you switch all four lines from another carrier. You’ll also enjoy unlimited talk, text and data for $25/mo. per line. Head to your local Metro by T-Mobile store to take advantage of this deal.

Although there are only two free phone options, they’re still worth considering if you’re trying to save money and don’t mind what kind of phone you have. With any of these phones, you’ll still be on the hook for a $20 activation fee per line.

Metro by T-Mobile basic phones

Don’t need a smartphone? Metro by T-Mobile has one flip phone available to buy. It’s the Alcatel GO FLIP 3, and it will only set you back $100. Keep costs low by selecting Metro by T-Mobile’s cheapest plan, which will run you $30/mo. for unlimited talk and text, along with 2GB of data.

Metro by T-Mobile trade-in program

Unfortunately, Metro by T-Mobile doesn’t offer trade-in credit if you swap out your old phone for a new one. Instead, you’ll need to pay for your phone outright when you sign up. 

Metro by T-Mobile phone upgrades

Metro by T-Mobile customers aren’t eligible for the type of upgrades that you would expect on a postpaid plan — even if you’re still hanging on to one of the old Metro PCS cellphones from before the company rebranded. However, you can take advantage of the phone deals that are typically advertised to new customers if you’ve had your current phone for at least 90 days.

Metro by T-Mobile phones FAQs

How often does Metro by T-Mobile have deals on phones?

If you’re willing to pay for your phone outright at the start of your plan, you’ll always find a deal with Metro by T-Mobile. It might not be on the latest and greatest iPhone or Samsung, but you should be able to find savings if you’re willing to be flexible.

Can you bring your own phone to use on the Metro by T-Mobile network?

In most cases, yes. If you don’t want to purchase a new phone from the carrier, you can usually bring your own device. However, customers who switch from Verizon, Sprint or Boost Mobile may have phones that are only partially compatible with the T-Mobile network. Check to see if your phone is compatible by using this online tool.

Does Metro by T-Mobile offer financing?

No. In some cases, you may be able to use a third party for financing, but this service is only available in select locations. You’ll need to head to your local store to see if it’s available in your area.

When did T-Mobile acquire MetroPCS?

MetroPCS became part of the T-Mobile network in 2013. The company is currently in the process of rebranding from MetroPCS to Metro by T-Mobile, so you may still see MetroPCS stores in your area.

Can you buy Metro by T-Mobile phones online?

Some phone models are available for sale online, but you’ll need to head to your nearest Metro by T-Mobile store to check out the complete selection. Also, you’ll need to visit an in-person location to take advantage of any of the phone deals covered earlier in this article.

By Taylor Freitas