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Dec 4, 2020 — 4 min read

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  • Unlimited plans starting from $50/mo. with autopay
  • Rollover data on all plans
  • 5G nationwide coverage
  • Mobile hotspot available on all plans

If you are looking to save money on your cellphone bill, AT&T prepaid plans are a wise choice to consider. With an abundance of plans available, you can strike the right balance between having the data you need while not overpaying for services. Here is a closer look at the prepaid AT&T plans available to you. 

AT&T Prepaid plans and pricing

You have a diverse selection of plan offerings from AT&T:

Unlimited Plus

  • Unlimited data with 5G connection speeds
  • 100GB of personal storage
  • Ability to stream video in HD
  • $60/mo. with autopay, $75/mo. without

The Unlimited Plus Plan resembles a traditional cellphone plan in that you gain access to the fastest speeds and don’t have to sweat data caps. In turn, you can watch your favorite Netflix shows in crisp HD, stream your favorite podcasts and even have free storage for your pictures and files. The Unlimited Plus Plan starts at $60 per month with autopay. 


  • Unlimited data at 4G speeds
  • Stream videos in SD
  • $50/mo. with autopay, $65/mo. without

AT&T Prepaid’s cheaper unlimited data plan doesn’t give you the extra perks like 5G access or free cloud storage. But it’s still on the cheaper side for unlimited data. You’ll also get free texting to over 100 countries.

12-Month Plan

  • Requires paying for a year upfront ($300)
  • 8GB of data every month
  • An average monthly cost of $25/mo.
  • Unlimited talk and text

If you enjoy a no-frills cellphone plan, then the 12-Month Plan from AT&T is a smart option to consider. By prepaying $300 in advance, you buy an entire year of cell service. Included is 8GB of data every month and unlimited texting and calling. 

3-Month Plan

  • 8GB of data every month
  • Average monthly costs of $33/mo.
  • Unlimited text and talk

AT&T’s 3-Month Plan gives you access to data, text and talk for only $33/mo. You prepay $99, then have service for the next three months. It is the perfect plan if you use your phone more for texting and talking but only need to check your email or surf the web occasionally.

5GB Plan

  • 5GB of data monthly
  • AT&T lets you roll over data month to month
  • Mobile hotspot included

The 5GB plan entitles you to more data access for less cost. The 5GB plan starts from $30/mo. and includes 5GB of data and mobile hotspot access. Best of all, if you do not use all your data, you can roll it over to another month when you renew.  

15GB Plan

  • Up to 15GB of high-speed data
  • Unlimited text to 100 countries
  • Starts at $40/mo.

Do you want more data with affordability? Then this plan might be a wise choice for you. You’ll get 15GB of high-speed data each month, but video streaming is limited to standard definition. You also have the ability to text friends and family living abroad in over 100 countries at no extra cost. 

Added features

On all of their plans, you receive access to a mobile hotspot. With it, you can connect your phone to your computer or other devices wirelessly whenever you need reliable internet access. Moreover, AT&T allows you to roll over your data, so you have access to it later.

You also can connect with friends and family members abroad. Starting with the 15GB Plan, all higher-tiered offerings give you unlimited text and talk to Canada and Mexico. 

AT&T Prepaid phones

If you are searching for a prepaid AT&T phone, you’ll have a pretty limited selection available. Right now, AT&T only has six prepaid phones for sale, and they’re all older models. These are the best deals currently available online.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Dash: $50

The crisp 5.0-inch HD display allows you to enjoy your favorite shows with clarity. Best of all, you can save up to 50% with any AT&T plan, making it an affordable option if you do not want to spend much money. 

iPhone 7: $250

If you want a more affordable iPhone option, you can buy the iPhone 7 for $249.99. 

LG Phoenix 4: $40

With the LG Phoenix 4, you can receive 50% off the phone price ($89.99) when you sign up for an unlimited data plan.

How does AT&T Prepaid compare

AT&T’s prepaid prices are right in line with what other providers charge. Boost Mobile offers unlimited data plans, starting from $50/mo. with autopay. Verizon’s unlimited data plan is more expensive, as they charge $65/mo. when you first sign up for service. However, Verizon delivers loyalty bonuses that drive down the price to $50/mo. after 10 months. 

Because many carriers are close to the same price, another factor to examine is customer satisfaction. In this regard, AT&T is the middle of the pack, scoring a 73 in The American Customer Satisfaction Survey Index. Providers that scored higher include Verizon, Cricket Wireless, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, Consumer Cellular and Straight Talk Wireless. The American Customer Satisfaction Index took into account factors like range of plans, dropped calls, data speed, network coverage and call quality. 

Should you switch to AT&T Prepaid?

AT&T Prepaid offers affordable plans for every need. However, the wise option is to bring your phone with you, especially if you enjoy the latest technology. While AT&T offers plenty of phone deals, its options for prepaid customers are limited, with only six available at the time of writing. Overall, AT&T Prepaid offers affordable plans, great features and a strong network to make them a smart choice.

By Sean Jackson

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