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San Francisco has phone, TV and internet plans from national providers like AT&TDISH and DIRECTV. Enter your ZIP code above to compare everything from new home phone service to satellite TV and high-speed internet. Allconnect® makes it quick and easy to find providers and plans in your area.

If you’re not moving, you could try to find a better deal on your existing service. Shop for plans and pricing on home phone service, cable or satellite TV and high-speed internet. You could be saving money each month by switching to a new provider or just trying a new plan with your current provider. It’s easy. Call or enter your ZIP code to see what’s available.

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San Francisco currently gets its electrical power and natural gas from locally based Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Established in 1905, PG&E provides natural gas and electricity to approximately 15 million people in northern and central California.

San Francisco homeowners can also take advantage of a home security system from ADT. With 24 hour home security monitoring, 7 days a week, Security Choice gives you confidence in your home’s safety. And if home security isn’t enough, most insurance companies will even offer up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance policy just for having a security system installed. Enter your ZIP code to see which security systems are available in San Francisco.

Moving to San Francisco, California?

With several internationally known landmarks, San Francisco welcomes its fair share of tourists. From the iconic trolley cars to the impressive Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf, the name “San Francisco” is immediately associated with images of these historic sites.

Due in great part to San Francisco’s continual exposure in movies and television, tourism drives this economy. However, it isn’t tourism alone. The financial sector plays a big part in the history and current business world of San Francisco. Housing the headquarters for both Wells Fargo and Bank of America, the San Francisco financial district is made up of multi-national banks, venture capital firms and other financial institutions.

Let us help you get settled in San Francisco. Enter your ZIP code to find your new telephone, digital TV and cable or DSL internet connections. More information is available at the official website for the City of San Francisco.

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