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Find your Los Angeles TV and internet providers

Almost 4 million Los Angeles residents have multiple providers to choose from when it comes to selecting selecting home services. Our TV and internet experts at Allconnect can make things even simpler. Call today to receive the most up-to-date pricing and offers available to your Los Angeles home. We’ll help you compare TV, high-speed internet and phone services from reputable providers like Spectrum, AT&T, DIRECTV, and DISH, all in one place.

What types of internet are available in Los Angeles?

Cable - 99% coverage

Spectrum is the largest cable provider in Los Angeles, serving more than 75% of the area. Average plans provide speeds up to 100 Mbps and include access to mobile hotspots and a free router and modem with installation.

Pros and cons:

✔ Availability: If cable TV service is available, cable internet is most likely offered in the area as well.

✔ Speeds: Enjoy enough speed to browse, stream and game as much as you want.

X Lag: You’ll be sharing bandwidth with other cable customers near you, so speeds may decrease during peak usage times.

DSL - 93.7% coverage

Both Verizon and AT&T offer DSL internet to almost 100% of the Los Angeles area. At speeds that average up to 18 Mbps, DSL is a great option for basic browsing and streaming.

Pros and cons:

✔ Availability: DSL internet is available in most big cities.

✔ Pricing: Your provider will use the existing phone lines in your home to establish your internet connection. This keeps costs lower than connection types that require additional equipment.

X Speeds: DSL offers slower speeds than other internet connections.

Fiber - 100% coverage

Experience the fastest internet speeds with Verizon Fios, available to over 20% of Los Angeles residents. Plans start at 100 Mbps and increase up to 1 Gbps depending on availability.

Pros and cons:

✔ Speeds: Fiber internet currently offers the fastest speeds of any other connection type. Max speeds will vary based on your location.

X Availability: Due to the high cost to establish a fiber network, fiber internet is only offered to a limited amount of Los Angeles residents.


What internet providers are in Los Angeles?

Before you select your internet in Los Angeles, consider average internet speed, data caps and contracts that may be mandatory with service. Check out some features from major internet providers in Los Angeles and see how they compare.




Verizon Fios


Internet type





Los Angeles coverage





Average internet speed

100 Mbps

15 Mbps

150 Mbps

18 Mbps

Data caps




1 TB/mo.





12 mos.

Equipment included

Modem and router



Wi-Fi router

Wi-Fi hotspots in Los Angeles?





What TV providers are in Los Angeles?

Spectrum is the primary cable TV provider in Los Angeles. AT&T U-verse offers DSL and residents in more rural areas of Los Angeles can get satellite TV service from trusted providers like DISH and DIRECTV. Before you select your TV provider and package, take a look at how these providers compare and their unique advantages.


AT&T U-verse




Connection type

DSL in Los Angeles

Cable in Los Angeles

Satellite in Los Angeles

Package options

245+ channels

125-200+ channels

190-290+ channels

155-330+ channels

Local channels





On Demand programming





Unique advantage

Premium channels for first 3 mos.

Free HD and DVR

Premium channels for first 3 mos. and free HD for life

NFL SUNDAY TICKET, 4K channels, premium channels for first 3 mos.

Bundle with

AT&T internet and phone

Spectrum internet and voice

Cable internet

AT&T internet and phone

Save more by bundling your Los Angeles services

Bundle your internet, TV and home phone services with full-service providers like Spectrum and AT&T to simplify your monthly bill and make payments simple. You can also bundle with many single-service providers like DIRECTV and DISH who partner with providers like AT&T to offer bundle deals that can earn you additional savings, freebies and more.

Choose your energy provider in Los Angeles

The state of California only partially deregulates the gas and electricity market, which means you will typically have your choice of electricity providers. The California Public Utilities Commission only regulates privately owned electric companies such as Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison. The largest publicly owned utility company in Los Angeles is the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, which provides services to over 3.9 million consumers. Give us a call to let us help you find and compare energy providers in L.A.

Moving to Los Angeles, CA?

Let Allconnect make your L.A. move stress-free.  We’ll find and compare pricing and deals from major providers in your area, so you’ll be able to setup your TV, internet and phone service.  We’ve also listed some additional resources below to help you become more acquainted with everything Los Angeles has to offer:


City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Los Angeles County Office of Public Safety



Los Angeles Department of Transportation


Things to do:

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Aquarium of the Pacific

Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Get better home services in Los Angeles

Whether you’re new to the L.A. area or just looking for faster internet, cheaper cable service and more reliable home phone, our TV and internet experts can make the process simple. Call Allconnect now to get the most up-to-date pricing and offers from major national providers. We’ll find and compare providers in your area to help you select a plan that’s right for you and your family.



Last updated on 4/3/18.