Your Personal PC Troubleshooter for Ongoing PC Support

The wonderful world of technology and personal computers makes things easier and saves time.      In a perfect world, webpages download in seconds, email sends and receives instantly, pop-ups are banished, accounts sync, viruses vanish, and everything prints the first time.

In the real world, however, it doesn’t take much for frustration to set in. When you need PC troubleshooting, options have typically included searching the Internet for solutions, tracking down a friend – or a friend of a friend – who knows something about computers, or taking the computer to a repair store.

But if what you really want is someone to look at your computer right now and fix it, consider Advanced Support. Every day, round the clock, Advanced Support has agents who can access your computer remotely and troubleshoot. They can clean up and optimize your computer, remove viruses and spyware, solve email issues, set-up email on your cell phone, figure out MP3 problems, back up data and determine why the printer isn’t responding. It’s like having that friend of a friend available all the time.

Advanced Support’s Remote Service Plan provides technical assistance for up to four of your personal computers and support for your entire home network. It’s that easy. As the busy holiday season approaches, give yourself one less thing to worry about. Advanced Support lets you spend more time with family and friends and less time dealing with computer issues.

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