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3 reasons why you need home security in “safe” neighborhoods

BY Allconnect | Fri Mar 01, 2019
3 reasons why you need home security in “safe” neighborhoods

If you live in a nice neighborhood, you might think that you don’t need a home security system. Installing a home security system involves time and expense, and for what? After all, home security systems are just to prevent break-ins, and those only happen in bad neighborhoods, right?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why you need home security even if you live in a safe neighborhood. Break-ins can happen to anyone, and a good home security system can protect your family from more than just burglary.

1. Deters burglars

A burglary can happen to anyone. In fact, every 18 seconds, at least one house in the United States is being broken into. Living in a nice neighborhood can make you extra appealing to would-be burglars since they know you probably have a number of valuables and electronics available.

When you install your own home security system you are typically provided with a sign to post in your front yard, which can serve as a warning sign that your home is protected. If this doesn’t deter a burglar, then using other preventative strategies such as door alarms, motion sensor lights and home security cameras will.

2. Keep an eye on your kids

A camera system doesn’t just protect your valuables — it can also serve as an extra set of eyes on your child. Installing cameras can help monitor your children (and pets) when you are away, while more sophisticated systems even allow you to video chat. If you have an infant or toddler, a camera system can benefit you even if you are just in another room.

3. Protect from invisible threats

Some threats to your home can be hard to detect and therefore some of the most dangerous.

Carbon Monoxide, for example, is an invisible, silent, odorless threat that is also highly lethal. In the United States, hundreds die every year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning and thousands are hospitalized. A good home security system includes a carbon monoxide monitor that detects the presence of carbon monoxide and alerts the fire department whether you’re home or away.

Anyone can benefit from a good home security system, no matter where they live. A good home security system can protect your home from burglary, help you keep tabs on your children and belongings, monitor for carbon monoxide and smoke and allow you to access your home remotely from your phone.

Keeping your home and loved ones safe is well worth the cost. For help finding a home security system that fits your needs, call us today.

Originally published 6/21/17. Last updated 1/3/19.
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