Why home security is important, even if you live in a “safe” neighborhood

Mar 1, 2019

If you live in a neighborhood considered “safe,” you might think you don’t need a home security system. The time and expense of installing one can seem unnecessary when the perceived risk of a break-in is low.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons you could need home security even if you live in a safe neighborhood. Here are three main thoughts on why a home security system could be useful in your home, regardless of the neighborhood.

1. Crime can happen anywhere, and a home security system deters burglars

Living in a low-crime area doesn’t eliminate your risk of a break-in. In fact, Consumeradvocate.org reports that suburban homes are 50% more likely to be burglarized. There are a few reasons why suburban homes may be more appealing, including fewer potential witnesses and a lack of home security systems due to the homeowner’s perceived neighborhood safety.

A home security system and the “protected by” signs that often come with it, can serve both as a warning sign to deter burglars and to protect your home if they are bold enough to enter. You can also use these other preventative strategies — such as door alarms, motion sensor lights and home security cameras — to protect your home and keep your neighborhood a safe one.

2. Cameras and sensors let you keep an eye on your kids and pets

Home security systems with cameras and motion sensors are ideal for protecting your home in a safe neighborhood, but they can also serve as an extra set of eyes on your child. Motion detectors and door sensors can notify you when your children get home from school, while interior and exterior cameras help you monitor them and the pets until you get home. Some systems even allow you to video chat. If you have an infant or toddler, a camera system can benefit you even if you are just in another room.

Security cameras and devices such as the Ring doorbell are not only crime prevention tools for your home, but can also help you maintain a safe neighborhood. In the event another home in your neighborhood is broken into, footage from your exterior security cameras can help apprehend the perpetrator and prevent future break-ins in your community. Check out these other community safety ideas.

3. Some devices detect more than intruders

Fire and carbon monoxide are two threats to every home, no matter how safe the neighborhood. Home security devices can detect smoke, carbon monoxide and other potential threats and notify you or home security monitoring services such as ADT. A good home security system includes a smoke/carbon monoxide monitor that detects the presence of fire and carbon monoxide and alerts the fire department whether you’re home or away.

Anyone can benefit from a good home security system, no matter where they live. It can protect your home from burglary, help keep tabs on your children and belongings, monitor for carbon monoxide and smoke and allow you to access your home remotely from your phone.

Visit the Allconnect® resource center for more crime prevention tips for your home and ways you can promote a safe neighborhood.