Why the Presidential Election Demands Cable TV

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Mar 14, 2016
Why the Presidential Election Demands Cable TV

The road to the White House has never been quite so dramatic, and between the unbelievable antics of Donald Trump at the Republican debates – and the sometimes heated exchanges between Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side- there have been some seriously enjoyable and thought provoking moments along the way. As the race heats up, televised debates and news coverage will only become more irresistibly entertaining.

For anyone without cable television, however, it might not be so easy to get in on the action. With events held on a number of different networks, households without a good cable bundle may be missing out. With the election still months away and many debates and unforgettable moments to come, making sure your cable TV services are up-to-date essential for catching the next juicy argument or memorable zinger.

The Trump effect
Generally speaking, political campaigns aren’t usually must-see TV. They revolve around dense policy, and for many viewers, just watching one debate per election cycle can be enough. This time around, Billionaire tycoon and former reality star Donald Trump has far exceeded expectations and has brought his own sense of flair and showmanship to the arena, drastically changing the discourse.

“Anyone without an adequate cable package may be missing out.”

Trump appears to be at the center of it all. Though his antics may not win him favor with some viewers on Election Day, he undeniably has made the debates and other campaign moments much more electric. As Mother Jones reported, other candidates have done their part to make things interesting, from Ben Carson’s refusal to take the stage to Marco Rubio’s inability to stop repeating the same sentence. Still, that pales in comparison to some of Trump’s rhetoric and actions.

In one debate alone, he defied all logic and historical precedent with his behavior. Again, this may not benefit him in November, but it has made for shocking TV, and anyone without an adequate cable package may be missing out. Not only did Trump defend the size of his hand as a means of establishing his masculinity, but he openly referred to his opponent, a U.S. senator, as “little Marco.” In fact, Trump even boasted his good standing with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. According to Politico, his exact words were “Putin said very nice things about me.”

In the polls, Trump has been doing very well despite his sometimes unbelievable behavior, and regardless of political viability, it has manifested itself in crazy on-screen success for this election cycle. While the Democrats have done well in bringing in eyeballs, their GOP peers have been cleaning up when it comes to television ratings. While some Dem Debates have seen upwards of 10 million viewers, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Republicans have been doing better. A debate that aired back in October saw 24 million Americans tuning in.

The television networks themselves have taken notice. Fortune stated that Leslie Moonves, chairman of CBS, called the entire Trump phenomenon a “circus,” but admitted it was driving new success for ratings.

“The money’s rolling in and this is fun,” Moonves said. “I’ve never seen anything like this, and this going to be a very good year for us. Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.”

Donald Trump has shaken up the presidential race.Donald Trump has shaken up the presidential race.

The Democrats
On the other side of the aisle, the conversation has been much more refined, but entertaining nonetheless. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has injected the conversation with an element of fervor, giving liberal politics a sense of excitement that in some ways matches the Republican in energy.

Both Sanders and Clinton have remained stoic in their unwillingness to argue in the same way as the GOP, but that does not mean the Democrats’ have had boring debates. Both candidates have interesting and unique backgrounds that have allowed for very detailed and charged conversation, and these events have been able to shine light on areas of the country that need it most. For example, the Democrats recently held a debate in Flint, Michigan, a city that has seen historic levels of lead in public drinking water.

What lies ahead
With the respective nomination conventions to be held this summer, there is potential for many more weeks of such contentious debates. From there, both parties would usually select one nominee, and the two would then face one another to win the country’s favor.

According to the Washington Post, Trump has caused such chaos for the GOP, that there is already conversation about a brokered convention. Even if Trump wins the nomination outright through the primary process, it is possible the party will decide to go in a different direction and select an individual they feel is best capable of winning the presidential election. Should that happen, it is entirely possible Trump would run as an independent, creating even more disarray in an already wild race.

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