Why a high-speed internet connection is so important for your home

Mar 1, 2016

As a homeowner, you know that finding balance in your personal expenses can be tricky, but some costs are difficult to cut back on. Your home internet, for example, may be much too important to avoid, and in fact, given how tremendously important being connected to the web is for daily life, it may be worth reaching out to your home internet service provider to investigate options for speeding up your connection.

According to the Pew Research Center, 73 percent of Americans access the internet on a daily basis, and 1 in 5 reportedly go online “almost constantly.” This may be for a number of reasons, but the bottom line is that the internet is an increasingly essential part of everyday life, and the last thing your family needs is to be slowed down by a poor connection.

Getting things done

The Census Bureau reported that more and more American adults are working from home, with millions of employees across the country opting to telecommute rather than physically travel to an office or work space. There are a number of benefits associated with this trend. An individual can save money on gas and avoid the stresses of rush hour transportation. This can also allow parents to stay home with a sick child or family pet.

For anyone choosing to work from home, however, a slow or inconsistent internet connection can be a disaster. It may compromise your ability to finish important projects, as well as make the entire prospect of telecommuting impossible. For anyone who is self-employed, this can be a critical issue.

The internet is an important resource for anything from cooking to home repair.

Your children also likely rely on the Web for their homework. U.S. News & World Report stated that not only are today’s students often assigned more homework than their parents, but that these assignments are increasingly found on the internet. As a result, there is a new expectation that American students have a reliable home internet connection, but if yours is malfunctioning or slow, your child may need to be driven to the library or school to get work done.

Elsewhere around the home, the internet is an important resource for anything from cooking to home repair. Countless websites and blogs host helpful content that can aid homeowners in daily tasks, but without reliable internet, it can be impossible to access these tools.


A high-speed internet connection is essential for the most pertinent tasks in your life, but it can also be incredibly useful when it comes to relaxing. This is because so much of our entertainment options rely on the internet and web-enabled technologies.

With so many live-streaming music platforms, the home CD library has become obsolete, and Five Thirty Eight reported record sales have plummeted with the onset of online music services. Unfortunately, if your home internet is slow, it can be difficult to reliably access your favorite songs.

As for other forms of entertainment, many Americans use video game devices or Web-enabled televisions to stream movies online, but again, without a strong web connection, this can be very difficult.

Staying connected

The internet is also a powerful tool when it comes to communicating with loved ones. To utilize email, video messaging or even text messages, your family must have reliable internet service. Otherwise, it can be difficult to reach out to loved ones. An older parent may become frustrated if your weekly Skype call is disrupted by a poor connection.

Even using your smart thermostat or another such device may be made more difficult, and a weak internet connection can undermine the efficiency that these technologies promise. If your home internet service is malfunctioning or consistently slow, it may be worth investing in a better connection.