Now that you’ve got a new home, where should you install the security cameras?

After weeks and months of going through the home buying process, you finally have it — your brand new home! Now that you’re all moved in and getting settled, it’s time to think about home security and installing security cameras.

Even if you think it’s too soon or you don’t need security cameras because you live in a “safe” neighborhood, it never hurts to add an extra layer of protection to your new investment. Here are the top six places to install your security cameras.

Where to install security cameras

1. Front door

Perhaps the most obvious place for installing security cameras is your front door. Not only is this the most common entrance where your family will come and go, but according to, about one-third of burglars actually enter through the front door. A security camera or even a video doorbell will help you keep an eye on everyone entering through the front of your house.

2. Back and side doors

The next most common entrance burglars target (22%) is a back or side door. These doors probably don’t lead into a common area (such as the living room or family room) and are typically more concealed from a neighbor’s eyes, making them easier targets. Putting security cameras around secondary entrances will act as a deterrent.

3. Garage

If you have an attached garage, a security camera in or around the entrance can help to monitor and protect another secondary entrance into your home. Even if your garage is detached, security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on any belongings you keep in there, such as your car, bikes, tools, lawn equipment and more.

4. Basement

If your house has a basement with accessible doors or windows, you may want to consider installing security cameras to keep an eye on things. Similar to your garage or secondary entrances, your basement probably isn’t as visible to your neighbors, making it more appealing to would-be burglars.

5. Yard

Strategically placing security cameras so you can monitor your yard helps you to be more proactive if you notice someone lurking or casing the place prior to potentially breaking in. It can also be helpful for finding out it’s been a pesky squirrel tearing up your flower bed, not Fido.

6. First-floor common areas

Installing security cameras around interior common areas not only lets you keep an eye on the kids or pets while you’re away, but also monitor any rooms with large ground-floor windows. While most burglars may target unsecured doors, that doesn’t mean they won’t try to get through an easily accessible window.

Where NOT to install security cameras

Before you go installing security cameras on every corner of your house, indoors and out, there are a few general areas you’ll want to avoid:

  • Areas that violate a neighbor’s privacy: Just as you wouldn’t want your neighbors monitoring your every move, you shouldn’t do it to them. In fact, a lot of states and municipalities actually have laws regarding security cameras and privacy, so it doesn’t hurt to check with your local authorities first.
  • Areas that violate your Homeowners Association: If you live in an HOA neighborhood, your Homeowners Association may have rules and regulations around the type and placement of security cameras.
  • Areas that violate residents’ privacy: While installing security cameras in common areas is fine, there are certain rooms, like bedrooms and bathrooms, that all residents would expect to have some privacy.

Tips for installing security cameras

No matter where you choose to install your security cameras, some best practices to keep in mind include:

  • Choose a stable spot to place the security camera mount (some indoor cameras may require you to mount on a stud)
  • Aim to install security cameras about 8-10 feet above the ground
  • Make sure the security cameras point away from light sources
  • Check for any existing wire
  • Mark and drill the necessary holes
  • Thread the wiring back to the monitoring source

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