When to Buy a New Heating or Cooling System

How to Buy a Heating System | How to Buy a Cooling SystemHate your antique furnace, but not sure if it makes sense to replace it? Want to compare the energy efficiency for heating and cooling systems?

CLECO, a Louisiana-based energy services company, has partnered with Enercom to provide the comparison site to help you understand the costs and energy savings for upgrading heating and cooling systems.

For example, let’s say you have a 15-year-old furnace with central air conditioning in your 1,800-square-foot house. Assume the AFUE is 65 and the SEER is 6. Assume you use 13,050 kWh of electricity and 729 therms of natural gas. Assume your rates are 0.098 cents per kWh and $1.01 per therm. You currently spend $2,085 per year in energy costs.

If you replace the system with a geothermal heat pump, your annual energy costs would be $851, assuming a COP of 3.5, an EER of 16 and electricity use of 8,693 kWh at 0.098 cents per kWh.

In other words, you would save $1,234 in energy costs each year.

The comparison site allows you to enter the cost of new equipment and installation in order to estimate the length of time for the return on your investment.

Tips on comparing furnaces, cooling systems, or heat pumps

• To compare furnaces, you’ll need the  AFUE = Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The Energy Savers website has more info on AFUE, as well as information on boilers and furnaces in general.

• To compare cooling systems, you’ll need the SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The Energy Savers website has more information on SEER and central air conditioners.

• To compare heat pumps, you’ll need the HSPF = Heating Season Performance Factor. The Energy Savers website also has more information about HSPF and air source heat pumps.

• To compare geothermal heat pumps, you’ll need the  COP = Coefficient of Performance and EER = Energy Efficient Ratio. For more information, visit EnergyStar.gov and the Energy Savers web site.

Save money when upgrading heating and cooling systems.  Check out which heating and cooling upgrades qualify for tax credits and rebates.

Save money on high energy bills by making your home more energy efficient with Energy Star-rated products.  You’ll be protecting the environment, too!

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