What to Do If Your Power Goes Out

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Dec 11, 2012

What to Do If You’re Power Goes OutA power outage or power cut is when your electricity goes out and needs to be restored. The majority of the time the power is restored within a few hours; however there are times when a power outage can last for hours or days. Here are a few tips to make sure you get by if the power at your house does manage to cut out.

  1. Check with your neighbors to see if their electricity is out too. Most power cuts affect an entire area, not just one house. If their power has not been cut, it might just be a fault in your house.
  2. Find the fuse box in your house. If the trip switch is flicked down, then it’s simply a case of flicking it back up and your electricity should be restored. Be careful not to flick any other switches in the box.
  3. Sometimes it can be a faulty fuse in one electrical item that causes the power to cut out. Check all your appliances to see if the fuse is faulty. Then it is just simply a case of replacing the fuse.
  4. If your electricity has still not been restored after trying the above steps, then it’s time to call your electricity supplier. They should be able to inform you how long the outage will be and give advice as the correct course of action to take.
  5. Make sure that items such as ovens and irons are switched off, as the items will switch back on once the power has been restored. These could cause an injury as people may not be aware that they have switched back on.
  6. Be mindful that meat cannot be refrozen once it has defrosted. Food generally defrosts after 12 hours at room temperature. Therefore, it is important to keep your freezer door closed.
  7. If the weather is cold outside, it may be wise to put on an extra layer of clothing as the heating will have stopped from not having power. If you can light a fire in your fireplace, this would be beneficial as it will give you both a source of heat and light.
  8. If the power is going to be cut for a long time, it is wise to move to a place where there is light, heat and food available. A neighbor’s house would be ideal if their power hasn’t also gone out.
  9. Elderly people or those with disabilities that live alone should notify friends and family as soon as possible to take extra precaution. If you have no one to contact your electricity supplier should be able to help you out.
  10. Accidents are more likely to occur when there is poor visibility. Take extra care when moving around the home. Use flashlights and candles when moving and ask young children not to run about while the power is out.

This article was written by Brian Madden; Online Marketing Assistant at Crown Utilities.

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