Spend that cash, get savings back: How to do smart online shopping

Nina Rodríguez
Nina Rodríguez
Jul 12, 2019

Let’s face it, you like shopping online. In fact, according to Statista, many of us do.

And if you are moving soon, you’re probably looking for options to help you save and cut expenses during the process. Being a smart shopper, even if you are not a couponer, is easier than you might think.

There are a variety of discount websites and extensions that will let you save more while shopping for your big move. Go ahead, take a look at these options.

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Spend some cash, get some back

These discount websites offer cash back on your purchases. All you need to do is simply log in, click on your desired retailer, shop, pay and, once you get the cash back, withdraw it. Here are some examples:


You can sign up for free and start using the website immediately. Once you get in, you can decide which retailer (from a list of 2,000+) you are going to shop from, and it tells you the highest cash-back offer the website is extending.

Does it have a referral bonus? Yes. You can refer a friend, family member or colleague, and you can both get a bonus after clicking the unique link provided by the website.

Does it have seasonal offers? Yes. Depending on the holiday or time of year, there are some unique, awesome deals to choose from.


This website is also free to join and features over 3,500 retailers. Plus, it offers coupons that will let you save even more money. Similar to Ebates, you will need to choose the retailer you want to shop from directly on the website so you can get cash back.

Does it have a referral bonus? Yes. They offer a referral bonus when someone you referred cashes out money.

Does it have seasonal offers? Yes. When you join TopCashBack.com you will get exclusive seasonal offers, sales and coupon codes.


This website not only allows you to get cash back, but it allows you to earn points you can use to get prepaid credit cards and gift cards. It even has an option to donate your earnings to charity. Another cool thing about this website is you don’t necessarily need to buy anything from one of their 1,500 retailers to get money. You can answer surveys and earn points.

Does it have a referral bonus? Yes. When you refer someone you can get gift cards or earn points.

Does it have seasonal offers?Yes. There are special seasonal offers that allow you to earn more points.

Make sure you get the best deal

When you are buying online, you almost always have more than one option. If you want to make sure you are getting the best deal out there to help with your moving expenses, there are some plug-ins that can help:


This browser plug-in helps you save money by applying discount codes and coupons when you are about to check out on your online cart. It works with Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Once you install it, you will need to click on the icon in your browser menu and the plug-in will start looking for codes and will apply the best one available.


Wikibuy applies free coupons and promo codes automatically as well, and offers cash back from some retailers when you use them. This extension works in Chrome and Firefox. They also have an iOS version. It will help you find better prices from other sellers once you put an item in your cart, showing an icon on different options of the cheaper article.


If you want to earn cash back at the moment of purchase when shopping in more than 5,000 stores, this is your site! This plug-in only works on Google Chrome, but you can also shop throughout their website. Using it makes getting rebates easier, and the best part is that if you have the extension installed, you don’t need to visit Extrabux when buying online.

Follow these important tips before using these discount websites:

1. First set up your cart on the website you want to use. From there, look for the store you want to shop from and click on it to redirect to it. Don’t forget to do this every time you want to buy online so you can save more.

2. Check the fine print first! Be aware that not all your desired articles may apply for a particular cash back offer.

3. Whenever you’re looking to use any discount websites, make sure they’re legit and secure. How can you avoid sites that might be trying to steal your information? One simple trick to help is to make sure the web address starts with “https” — the “s” stands for secure, an SSL Certificate.

4. Most websites only allow you to use one cash-back program at a time when purchasing, so you need to choose which portal you are going to use beforehand.

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