Using Technology to Lower Your Monthly Bills

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Apr 02, 2013

Using technology to lower monthly billsTechnology not only can make your life easier  but it can also be an investment to help lower your monthly bills. Below are a few ideas to help get the money saving creative juices flowing.

Computer, Laptop, or Tablet

A common household computer with access to the Web is a great first step in lower your bills with technology. A desktop computer or laptop can be used for things as simple as online bill pay that saves you a percentage just by paying your bills online with an automatic withdraw to surfing the Web to find awesome deals. Also, watching movies and television shows on a laptop instead of renting or buying the series on DVD can save loads of money.


With a wireless internet connection there is a plethora of ways to save money. Contacting people via email or Skype is an easy way to keep phone bills to a minimum. Also connecting to your wireless network while at home with your smartphone will help curb excessive data usage.

Online Coupon Websites

Online coupon websites are a great way to save money. Using search engines like Google or Bing will help you to immediately find coupons you want as opposed to looking through papers and magazines. Alos, if you look hard enough, you will find that many restaurants have exclusive deals on their websites for a limited time that can you save you big $$$!

Shower Timers and Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Another great way to save money on your monthly bills is by taking shorter showers. Many times people seem to lose track of time in the shower. By installing a shower timers you can greatly cut down on water usage. Also, energy efficient light bulbs are another great way to save money. Using energy efficient bulbs in typically us around half the electric of regular bulbs and last much longer.

Smart Cars

The new smart cars are a great investment in a long term sense. With gas prices constantly rising, a smart car will pay for themselves sooner than expected. Also, you can get a voucher from the government since green initiatives can get you tax breaks. This will not only be great for your wallet, but also the environment. It’s a win-win!

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