Andersen E-Series Casement and Picture Windows

Use Contemporary Style for the Home that Lives for You

Guest post by Jay Libby.

You invest plenty of time and resources in researching and choosing all the systems that will keep up with how you like to live. Should you also spend as much time considering how your new home’s design does the same thing?

As the line dividing our home life from the rest of our lives blurs, many find that “home life” today includes time and space for work, play, and nurturing family connections. Contemporary home design principles have evolved over the past century to reflect the belief that a home should be a “machine for the living.”

Contemporary home design means each component that makes up the structure is carefully considered for its complete functionality. Rather than build a home that tells its inhabitants how they should live, designers create a design that can shift to support how homeowners want to live in their home and the lifestyle they desire.

Visible from both inside and out, the size, placement and function of each window is a critical factor in supporting a contemporary home design. Windows also contribute to the evolving functionality of spaces within the home. Some guidelines that bring contemporary sensibility to your home’s overall style include:

Andersen Architectural Collection E-Series Awning and Picture windows with Pine Interiors.
Andersen Architectural Collection E-Series Awning and Picture windows with Pine Interiors.
  1. Deliver light as far into the space as possible: when utilized correctly, the constantly changing light that flows through windows can transform an interior.  Balancing the placement of windows to deliver natural light as far into a built structure accomplishes one of the primary principles of contemporary design: serve a utilitarian purpose, not a decorative one.

    Andersen E-Series Casement and Picture Windows
    Andersen E-Series Casement and Picture Windows with painted interiors and white hardware.
  1. Promote indoor air quality: Proper ventilation for a home goes beyond opening a window or two. Stacked ventilation, for example, utilizes roof windows in combination with wall windows, creating updrafts that funnel warm air outdoors and away from living areas. Interior window openings can help channel fresh air to a home’s more remote locations.

    400 Series Gliding Windows and Picture Windows
    400 Series Gliding Windows and Picture Windows
  1. Minimize ornamentation to maximize impact: With the right positioning, spectacular scenery can become the focus of a room, even the focus of a home. Whether as a huge picture window or a perfectly aligned group of smaller windows, this reinforces a home’s connection to its surroundings and is commonly referred to as managing the view.

    00 Series Awning Windows, White Interior
    400 Series Awning Windows, White Interior, Contemporary Hardware in White Finish.
  1. Erase the divide between interior and exterior: Walls of windows or patio doors can help connect the interior of a home with the immediate surroundings. Thresholds are minimized, rooflines blend into tree lines, and outdoor spaces become your expanded living space.

    Andersen A-Series Casement Windows with Prefinished White
    Andersen A-Series Casement Windows with Prefinished White Interiors and Contemporary Folding Hardware in White Finish
  1. Knowing which windows match a contemporary style is key to achieving that contemporary look. To that end, this free site connects home styles and the proper windows based on architectural need.

The simple elegance of contemporary design principles are rooted in the brilliance of the premise that a home should never dictate how you live. Instead, the open spaces and clean lines found in a contemporary home are really a blank canvas ready to bloom with the colors of the life you live. Your next home should grow with you from integrating work life connections to expanding for family members young and old, and even simplifying life in later years.

 With more than 30 years of experience in product design and design research, Jay Libby is the Creative Services Manager at Andersen Windows.

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