Turn home security into your resolution for 2015

BY Allconnect | Fri Jan 30, 2015
Turn home security into your resolution for 2015

With the new year comes the drive to set personal goals, improve lifestyle decisions and dedicate time to home improvement projects. One of the most impactful improvements you can make in 2015 is upgrading your home's security system. Even families already working with a home security provider should review household defenses heading into 2015. As criminals become more sophisticated, you can respond by keeping their security technology up to date. Speaking with your local home security provider and following these strategies provides a roadmap for how to make your household safer in the coming months.

Develop a security strategy for the entire family
Security plans fall apart when planning and communication fall short. Planning starts with analyzing your home, isolating possible entry vectors and determining where your family's bad habits make the home more vulnerable. Do family members tend to leave the back door open? Are there windows in your home without a lock? Does your sliding glass door reveal the location of your home's most expensive valuables? Taking your time to answer these questions holistically allows you to get inside the head of a criminal and plan your home's defenses accordingly.

Once the plan is set, be sure that every member of the family is aware of the plan and the role they are expected to play in keeping the house protected. Home security strategies are only as successful as the weakest link, so it may be wise to set aside time with the family to go over the plan in detail. This goes double for kids, who may need extra explanations to wrap their head around the importance of home security. Coaching kids on online safety plays a part in keeping the home secure as well.

Automation could make 2015 your safest year yet.Automation could make 2015 your safest year yet.

Plan vacation security in advance
It's never too early to think about your next vacation, and many households organize their holidays months ahead of time. Security Today suggested that homeowners plan out their home security arrangements early as well. By requesting neighbors or family members to keep an eye on your property while your family enjoys a vacation well in advance, you can avoid the anxiety of trying to find a last-minute sitter for your home. Planning your vacation security precautions early on also gives you time to invest in additional security strategies like sophisticated motion detectors.

"Take the time to get inside the head of a criminal and plan your defenses accordingly."

Improve home monitoring with automated systems
A long list of security providers now offer smart security systems, which allow homeowners to synch up their home defenses with their mobile devices, according to Yahoo! News. By enhancing your home security with automation, keeping an eye on the inside of your home becomes significantly easier –  real time video can be streamed directly to a homeowner's smartphone, offering unprecedented levels of home monitoring resources to customers. Choosing smart security systems is ideal during resolution season since additional benefits like electricity-saving features can support other resolutions like reducing energy use.

Invest in your home if you anticipate a move
Don't be afraid to spend a bit of your budget on home security this year, even if you're planning to move your family to a new home. Home security upgrades you've made yourself, via home improvements or third party security companies can add value to your property and be leveraged to sell the home at a higher sale price. Alternatively, security systems installed by a provider can typically be moved from one home to another within the same service area. Get in contact with your local security company for more details about costs associated with setting up the system in your new household.

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