Top spots for your home automation hub [Video]

BY Allconnect | Thu Jun 11, 2015
Top spots for your home automation hub [Video]

One of the main perks of home automation is the ability to connect and control multiple systems in your home over your Internet connection. These systems are connected by a hub, and where you locate that device will have a big impact on how easy it is to access your home’s automated features.

Kitchens and living rooms are two areas where automated devices are most abundant, so it makes sense to lay the foundation for the entire system in these rooms. Alternatively, you may want to install the hub in a centrally located hallway. This would allow your entire family to make adjustments to automation settings with ease.

Visit this blog again for more tips on using technology and a high speed Internet connection to streamline your home life. There are all sorts of conveniences that the latest automation gear can add to your life.

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