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Top devices for streaming content through the big screen

BY Allconnect | Wed Feb 13, 2019
Top devices for streaming content through the big screen

Homeowners with broadband connections through an internet service provider are able to access and stream a limitless variety of content. However, viewing said content on a computer screen is not always ideal.

There are many strategies that consumers can use to stream content directly from the internet to their TV screens. Luckily, there are plenty of low- and hi-tech options to expand any household’s access to online entertainment.

Wired solutions

A simple HDMI cable may be all it takes to stream content to the living room TV. A HDMI cable can be acquired for less than $10 and connected to any high-definition television, or HDTV, with the appropriate port. Most HDTV’s on the market today support HDMI connectivity. This method also assumes that consumers have a laptop or computer with an HDMI output as well. There are also several adaptors on the market that allow connectivity between devices without the appropriate HDMI port.

Streaming devices

Streaming content through an HDMI cable is effective, but several of the best streaming devices on the market offer computer-to-TV connectivity in addition to other entertainment services like Netflix and YouTube.

The Roku Streaming Stick Plus, for example, offers a plethora of apps, 4K and HDR video and easy-to-use interface for an affordable price. The Apple TV 4K is a no-brainer option for Macintosh fans. The device seamlessly connects additional Apple products and iTunes content to the TV screen. A basic Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote is also a popular choice for streamers. This affordable device combines streaming and smart home automation for the ultimate entertainment experience that viewers control with voice.

Gamer alternatives

Many modern video game consoles have premium streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix integrated into their home interface. Players can switch between their favorite games and favorite television shows with the click of a button.

All three last-generation consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) offer streaming features. The recently released PS4 and Xbox One offer these perks as well. Homeowners interested in the console-route should investigate to see which streaming applications are available on each system to coincide with existing subscriptions.

Every household will have unique needs for video streaming. Some families may even utilize a mixture of these products to maximize the amount of content they can access through their television. If you plan on using more than one streaming device, be sure you have enough internet speed to maximize the quality of your entertainment.

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Originally published 08/06/2014. Last updated 01/03/2019.

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