Top Alternatives to the Big-Name Mattress Brands

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Nov 16, 2016
Top Alternatives to the Big-Name Mattress Brands

The average person spends a third of their lives in bed. It is, therefore, understandable for one to yearn for the most comfortable mattress. The problem, however, is that top quality brand mattresses are very expensive, and not everyone can afford them. The idea of an excellent quality discount mattress that offers similar comfort to the big names is one that is bound to be welcome. Here are five of the top alternatives that keep pace with the big-name mattress brands.

Refresh Mattresses

While your budget might be tight, you could still get a comfortable option that spells durability and strength in equal measures. You need not worry about quality. They are specially designed to suit your health, medical and physiological needs. The design makes use of high-density PU foam, thick comfort layers and breathers that allow for aeration. Here are a few reasons why a refresh mattress is an excellent choice.

  • Have dual sides appropriate for all the four weather seasons
  • Perfect in preventing backaches and other related disorders
  • They offer maximum support and comfort to the body
  • The mattresses are breathable and self-ventilating

Signature Sleeps Essence Mattresses

Having a partner with bad sleeping habits can be depressing. These mattresses are an ideal option for couples. Their designs allow for distribution of pressure to reduce motion disturbance between partners. With a unique five zone coil system that reduces pressure on the head, shoulders, upper and lower body, they offer maximum support while significantly reducing tossing and turning. They are a very pocket-friendly choice.

Thermo Balance

This mattress will transform your sleeping experience. It blends one’s body temperature with the airflow and moisture to create the perfect sleeping environment. Right from the cover made of moisture wicking fiber, it is specifically designed to maximize the body temperature and wick away excess moisture. Thermo balance mattress is also made for moisture control to prevent overheating during sleep. Its gel-infused latex does not only make it more reliable but also improves breathability and comfort. At discounted prices on this mattress, you could save up to 80% and still get the best quality.

Omni Bed Mattresses

This micro gel mattress is uniquely layered to relief pressure and maximize support. It contains an open-cell gel memory foam that regulates the body temperature. One unique feature is its two-stage cell that prevents it from collapsing, unlike other mattresses. Hence, you get a durable mattress at an affordable price.

Beloit Mattresses

Founded in 1929, Beloit mattresses are an exact definition of alternative mattress brands that have set out to offer quality to clients, ranking very highly among other leading manufacturers. Beloit manufacturers are the designers, producers and retailers of their products which gives them the flexibility to sell to their clients at averagely discounted prices. With continued improvement of their designs, you can be sure to find sleep solutions you would not find anywhere else.

Alternative mattress brands are presumed to offer low quality. This assumption, however, cannot be further from the truth. They rate similar and some even better than other highly regarded brands. The ideal time to change your mattress would be after 8 to 10 years. When looking to purchase a new mattress, keep a few things in mind.

  • Come up with a clear budget
  • Opt for a mattress that suits your needs the most. Make a choice on the type of mattress to purchase ranging from water filled, air-filled, foam or spring mattress
  • Identify a store with the best and authentic deals

With this information purchasing from a quality mattress store should not be so hard after all.

Author bio: Carvin Wheeling is a thrifty shopper who enjoys sharing his knowledge with people who are serious about spending less on high quality items.

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