Top 4 Ways to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

BY Kristen Fowler | Mon Apr 17, 2017
Top 4 Ways to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

If you are planning to sell your home, you may be looking at ways to transform your home’s exterior to improve curb appeal and home value. However, even if you plan on living in your home for the next 30 years, transforming your home’s exterior can improve your feelings about the home and can make the home more functional for you. Whether your budget is low or high, you should consider the following four home exterior improvement options.

Change the Color

Changing the color of your home’s exterior can take it from being a neutral copycat of every other home on the block to being a one-of-a-kind home. While you do not want to do anything that is too different that will decrease the home’s value, a fresh coat of paint or a new set of siding in a vibrant color will catch the eye and give the home a whole new appeal. Consider painting your trim in one or two secondary colors that blend with the primary color and set off windows, doors and other architectural features.

Clean It Up

If you do not have a very big budget, consider simply cleaning the siding, brick, stone or other exterior materials. A pressure washer can be rented or purchased and can easily get dirt, grime and even moss off the sides of your home. You will also have the added benefit of removing mold, pollen and other allergens from your home.

Change the Front Door

If you cannot change the color of your entire home, consider changing the style or color of your front door. Your front door is the first thing that most people see when they come to your home, and it should provide a welcoming aspect. The front door is your chance to make a statement without going too crazy. Consider a door with interesting architectural moldings or an etched window. If you have a historical home, find a door that stays true to the era when your home was built.

Add a Porch

If you are working with a bigger budget, consider extending your home’s exterior with a front porch or a wrap-around porch. Not only will a porch provide safety from the weather, but you’ll also find that it makes a welcome addition to your home,  as it can be used as another room in your home for several months out of the year.

Your home’s exterior provides a glimpse at the style and architecture of the entire home. Not only should it catch the eye of visitors, but it should also be a place that you are comfortable to call home. Depending on your budget, you can do anything from thoroughly cleaning the exterior to building an addition to your front entrance.

Guest Author Bio: Dixie Somers is a freelance writer. She recommends Jetwave Industrial Equipment for your pressure washer needs.

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