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Top 3 Tricks to Get More Affordable Home Security

BY Allconnect | Mon Feb 20, 2017
Top 3 Tricks to Get More Affordable Home Security

Watching the local news for a couple of evenings is almost sure to get anyone thinking more about home security. Whether you live in a house or apartment, protecting your own space is something we all have to think about, but don’t worry, there are ways to protect your home without breaking the bank. Because home invasions are no longer the rare news events they once were, so here are our top three tricks to getting more affordable home security at your place.

Home Fortifications

Develop a plan and take it one step at a time. Home fortifications include making exterior doors and windows more secure, as well as equipping a safe room to retreat to in case of emergency. If you already have modern solid wood or steel-clad exterior doors, you can make them more secure by adding a metal reinforcement plate to the door area where the handle and lock sets are located. You should also drive long screws that penetrate into the wall framing for the strike plate and for at least one screw for each hinge. Your safe room preparation can begin by replacing the standard hollow-core interior door of a bathroom or bedroom with a solid wood door reinforced as mentioned above.

Standard double-hung windows can be further secured by self-installing window bar kits that can be ordered at most home centers. These items install on the inside. Code requirements must be adhered to in that the bars need a release mechanism accessible from inside to allow escape in case of fire. Aftermarket locks for windows are available to increase security, and you can install security film over the glass of at least the first-floor windows to resist forced-entry.

Add Surveillance Cameras

If you don’t know why you should you use security system cameras as part of your security, just know they are more affordable now than ever before. There are many brands, styles, and types of cameras available. Wireless cameras still need an outlet nearby to plug the power pack into, but the video and audio signals are sent to a receiver by radio waves. IP cameras connect directly to your home’s Wi-Fi router. Wired cameras are easy to install yourself if you take your time in finding a route to hide the small diameter cable. Be sure to choose weatherproof cameras for outdoor use, and buying a kit with a DVR to record footage is a good idea. Almost all new home surveillance cameras allow for remote viewing over a secure Internet connection using a mobile app.

Get a Home Security System

State-of-the art home security equipment is now available for your home. The new systems use wireless sensors that use long-lasting lithium batteries to power them for years before the batteries need replaced. Putting in a fresh battery only take a moment when it is necessary. You can get monitored and unmonitored security systems. Most unmonitored systems allow you to be notified on your Internet-enabled mobile device when a sensor is activated, but they do not notify the authorities. Monitored systems give you the best value for the money, because they are connected to a monitoring agency staffed around the clock by agents who can notify the police or fire department for you. This is a great help if you are incapacitated due to fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, or being held by an intruder.

Getting started using tricks to improve your home’s security should begin with an evaluation performed by you. Look at your home as if you were going to break into it or steal something from it. You should also look at your home from the perspective of fire and accident risks. Many security improvements will not cost you a penny. Some free upgrades include following a protocol of locking your doors and windows, never leaving valuables in vehicles, and locking car doors. Securing bicycles, lawn mowers, weed trimmers and other small items popular among thieves looking to steal stuff they can pawn or sell quickly is also a good idea.

How to Find Affordable Home Security

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