Top 10 Must-Have Items for Transforming Your House into a Modern Home

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Jun 03, 2016
Top 10 Must-Have Items for Transforming Your House into a Modern Home

Now that you’ve bought a house of your own does the actual work begin! It is obvious that you’d want only the best for your house, be it appliances, furniture or any other household item. These items are for our comfort and bring some amount of normalcy that makes a house, a home. Amaze everyone with the wonderful décor. This guide discusses the top ten items that are both affordable and environment friendly.

Air filters

With the increasing levels of dust and pollution in the environment, even the very air that we breathe has become contaminated. Protect your family from the many pollutants in the air with these air filters. It ensures that the air you breathe is pure and dust free preventing many diseases. They can be fitted in ventilators or with the air conditioners to work more efficiently.

Room heater

Winters can be pretty harsh but you don’t have to worry as long as you have heaters to keep you and your family warm. These heaters work on electricity and are pretty easy to use. Go for a brand that is cost efficient and save on electricity.

Toilet and bathroom appliances

Perhaps the most important thing about its house is the drainage and sanitation. There are so many brands that sell marble or tiled toilet seats and other bathroom items such as taps and showers. Some taps have intelligent sensors that save on water as well.

The lights

A good network of lights and bulbs not only brightens and beautifies your house but also makes it much more convenient. Go for CFL tube lights and bulbs that save a lot on electricity and are easy on your pocket as well. Also check out solar lamps that are very eco-friendly and efficient.

Fans and air conditioners

Fans and air conditioners are a necessity to battle the extreme heat and humidity. This summer enjoy the cooling effect and luxury of the air conditioner. Many brands in the market offer energy saving ACs and Fans, i.e. they consume less energy and work just as efficiently. This means a smaller electric expense as well!

Water purifiers

Protect your family from the hazards of pollution by ensuring that they drink pure water. The energy saving and cost efficient water purifiers in the market effectively purify the water from any contamination. The smart RO UV+ technology filters the water, freeing it from particles.

Kitchen appliances

The kitchen is the most important part of the house. Check out the various kitchen appliances available in the market that simplify your work ten-fold! These save a lot on electricity as well thus contributing to the environment. The microwave oven, gas, induction, mixer, juicer, grinder are just some of the examples of smart kitchen appliances you must have at your house

Solid furniture

Every house needs sturdy, solid furniture that is both tough and comfortable. Check out the amazing collection of inexpensive furniture in the market.  Do your bit for the environment and buy tables, chairs that are made from recycled wood or plastic.

Beds and mattress

A comfortable bed is a necessity in every house! Go through the many mattresses and covers that come in many colours and designs. But choose an eco-friendly one made from non-synthetic material. Also you get beds made from recycled wood or other material.

Windows and doors

This one’s obvious really. Big windows allow proper air circulation while sturdy doors and a smart locking system ensure safety. Now you even get fiber or recycled plastic doors that are tough and environment friendly.

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