Tips on How to Save Money after Moving

BY contributor | Wed Aug 21, 2013

Tips on How to Save Money after MovingMoving a house is a tedious and heavy task which affects you physically and poses stress just not on your mind but also on your bank balance. Moving a house is expensive, but do you know that you can draw back that hard earned money gone into moving your house? In a new house you can adopt many new ideas to save your money. Changing a few habits can help you being savvy with your money. You just need to opt for fewer luxuries for yourself and you’ll find that by the end of each month that you and your family save quite a fair amount of cash. Within few months you’ll see thousands of dollars to boost your bank balance.

After moving you can search for those countless on line tools which can help you analyze your expenditures. You’ll be able to construe that where you are spending and where you are saving money. You can utilize these tools and few of the following tips to find how you can save maximum money after moving into your house. There are few affordable house removal companies like Johnson’s of Shaftesbury those refund some percentage of the total money after the move on festival seasons like Christmas. It’s always better to research and go for such options.

Cut Down on Excessive Services

You need to assess things properly if you find yourself stuck in rising bills’ struggle and losing too much of the monthly income.  First see for how many services you’re paying for and then see if you can manage without a few of these services, which can be considered as surplus.

Very popular luxury is the cable TV package. The six-monthly mount up of this facility is quite costly, see if your kids and you can manage without few of those extra channels, if not, then hunt for the best deals. Go for a connection in which you have to pay only for your favorite channels. You can even search for the TV, broadband and phone bundles. You may check various other services that you are availing or can do without for a short while, for instance the gym membership.

Gym membership is very expensive. Unless you are a gym addict, cancel the card. See, if you have taken a membership for say 5 days a week, but visit just once or twice then paying for the whole week does not make any sense. Try for workouts at home, buy few exercise DVDs or try exercises you know, on your own, some of which you always practice in the gym.

Check the with both- your credit and debit cards, where all your money is getting debited under auto-payments and direct debits, keep only the ones you need and cancel the rest. Keep looking for new opportunities to cut the extra services you had being availing uselessly.

New habits

New home calls for a new start and new setting and can be the perfect time to track and amend those bad habits you have gotten used to. After moving in to new house you can identify those countless necessities and services, and cut the cost on them.

The basic, to start with is to avoid misusing electricity. Turn off the lights if you are not in the room, you can try using the heating less, or shortening the time length, you can also keep the doors closed to let the warmth stay in.

You can cut on your daily expenses to slash the costs, start planning your meals and try consume the leftover food instead of throwing it in the bin. If the leftover food is not palatable to you, strive to prepare food only enough for the meal. Make sure that you avoid the wastage of water, check your tap are closed tightly, while using stove for cooking, always use a lid on top of the pots and pans. Invest money to buy warm blankets and water bottles to avoid the over usage of heaters at high temperature in the winter nights.

You must consider for a house that has insulated walls and new cost effective windows. You can think of many such countless tips and tricks which can help you save money on utility bills. You must move into a house that is eco friendly and has pre installed energy saving household appliances.


Start budgeting on everything, do not go out of budget, this is a common way of saving money.

Service provider comparison- Albeit you tried your best to cut on many services, but there are few those can not be avoided. You might think that you cannot save on the providers of your gas and the car insurance, but fortunately you can. Moving house makes you look for the energy providers, and this time you can look for service providers who are cheaper than the earlier ones as you will have to contact these companies to either change or cancel the address. You can look at comparing everything from bank accounts, landlines to home insurance as opting for the most reasonable and the cheapest providers. This will help you save hundreds of dollars across all your monthly expenses. Before you finalize the service providers be confident you are getting the best deal.

Spending Less- This is a much familiar saving tip. You must make an aim to recognize where you are spending you are spending more. You might want to see if that expenditure was worth spending or could you have avoided it.

Buy Used Items- There are many items that can be bought used. This can help you increase your savings. You can consider buying used jackets from E-bay. You might get lucky , as  at times you  get brand new ones and you land up getting a good deal. You can similarly think of buying tools, toys and books for kids at a good price.

Sell – Moving is the best time to get out all useless and old items out of your house that might still be of some use to others. Sort out, reach for the items not in use any more, kids’ clothes your clothes, old electronics, some pieces of old furniture gone obsolete. These items can be considered and can be put on sale on sites like E-bay or you can consider a junk yard or a garage sale also. You can easily make some dollars that can help you compensate to some extent. No need to take these items to the new house you can consider keeping the items in the self storage for minimum rent at removals and storage Dorset for a month till the time you do not find a relevant buyer. This must be done specially for old furniture or any other heavy item. Try to choose the storage as per the size of the items. Do not pay extra for empty space. It the items are less then you might drop the idea of storage.

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