Tips for moving into an apartment

Tips for moving into an apartment [Video]

Moving can be a tricky ordeal, especially for anyone doing it for the first time. Apartments in particular can be especially difficult.

Your new apartment may not be furnished, but check with the existing tenant about any furniture or items that can be left behind. Even a single air conditioning unit can be a major score. The fewer items you need to move up those narrow stairs, the better.

Next, consider selling or donating some of your clothes or household goods. Space is usually at a premium in apartments, so cutting back can make a difference. Finally, be sure to reserve a spot outside of the building to park a car or truck for the day.

Best of luck out there, and stick with the Allconnect blog for more helpful tips!

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  1. You might to get yourself a pair of forklift moving straps or moving straps to move larger things like appliances and heavy furniture. Just make sure you got a friend with you to help you move the stuff!

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