Top Tips to Make Moving With Kids Easier

BY Kristen Fowler | Tue May 30, 2017
Top Tips to Make Moving With Kids Easier

Although moving into a new home sounds exciting, it may not be fun when kids are involved. In fact, the presence of children when moving homes is stressful. This is because of how involving shifting homes can be for an individual. From packing toys to kid’s clothing, there is the need for order when moving out with kids. To ease the process of moving with kids, there are a few tips to follow. These tips will save time and make the activity seem more enjoyable for your family.

Declutter Toys

Toys are a kid’s priciest and most valuable possessions. At the same time, these possessions can be delicate to handle. Additionally, toys complicate the moving process because they come in many, small bits. That is why it is essential to declutter toys a week before shifting homes. When toys are decluttered, there is order while packing. This process also gives an individual the chance to sort the toys and donate some. Depending on which toys the kids find useful, the remaining can be sold.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Kids are known to be needy, so you don’t want to have to go digging through boxes for their favorite toy on your first night in your new home. Instead, pack an overnight bag that contains items they find useful for the big, moving day. From a toothbrush to a favorite toy, the kids will have all the small items they need on the day of moving. In return, the parents have an easy time while relocating. Also, packing an overnight bag allows parents to rest on arrival at the new home.

Make Moving Fun

While moving can be tasking and draining, there are way to make moving fun for your kids. However draining it may be, take some time to share light moments by having a good time. Pause while packing, play their favorite music, have snacks in between. That way, it allows kids to have a light moment. This session is also healthy for the parents. It allows an individual to rest. These fun breaks make moving with kids easier and more fun.

Road Music

On way to create a happier mood when  moving with kids is to play the kid’s favorite music on the way to your new home. Depending on the ages of the children, ask for a playlist to make them feel better about moving homes. The songs should help in boosting their morale. Select music that can excite the whole family. Also, sing along to the tunes.

Road Games

When moving to the new house, play some road trip games to help pass time and ease anxiety on the road. Some fun games include I Spy and Twenty Questions. These are easy games to participate in as a family. They also require little mental energy and no physical energy. Also, offer nutritional snacks to your kids while on the road to ensure everyone has enough energy to move when you get to your new house.

Create a Memory Binder for All Kids

While relocating to a new home can be exciting, children tend to have an emotional attachment to the previous home. Saying goodbye can be very emotional to them. This is especially true if your family is relocating to a new state or city. Creating a memory binder for kids is essential. This collection should contain photos, artwork, and letters to and from teachers or friends to remind them of all the memories they made in their old home.

Save the Boxes after Moving

After settling in, do not dispose of the moving boxes. A better way of putting the boxes to use is rewarding the kids with material for making toys. The toys can be playhouses or decorations for their new rooms. These are projects kids enjoy participating in. With the gesture, the kids will be thankful and more excited about their new home!

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