Tips for a Healthy Home: Keeping Things Clean and Organized

BY Kristen Fowler | Mon May 08, 2017
Tips for a Healthy Home: Keeping Things Clean and Organized

We’re emerging from the dreary days of winter. The sunlight makes us excited for the warmer months, but it also reveals the dirty secrets (and surfaces) we’ve been hiding since fall. If you’re ready to break out of the winter blues, take a look at these tips for a cleaner, more organized and healthy home.

Stick to a Cleaning Routine

You may be doing a little bit of housework here and there, but somehow nothing ever seems to get done completely. To achieve a healthy home, sit down and write out a cleaning schedule for yourself and your family. Designate specific duties to specific days. Spread your chores out over a month if you have to but keep yourself moving toward an immaculate and organized home. There are many chores that don’t need to be done every day or even every week. For example, you could schedule cleaning out your closet every six months, but of course, dishes would have to be washed every day.

Invest in Storage Items

A mish-mash of cardboard boxes, assorted tubs, and garbage bags are not the solution to storing all of your items. Invest in sturdy but attractive plastic tubs, bins, and shoe boxes to put your belongings in order. Purchase the ones that stack easily and can hold the items you wish to store. Some you may wish to have easy access to, so place those where you can get to them readily, Others such as Christmas decorations, other holiday items, or seasonal clothing can be put away in a cellar or attic until that season rolls around again.

Enlist the Aid of the Entire Family

Everyone in the household should be pitching in to assist with keeping your home clean and clutter-free. Make a schedule if you need to, but all family members should be contributing to this endeavor for it to be successful. Even very small children can pick up their own belongings and place their clothing in laundry bins.

Hire Professionals

Deep cleaning may take hours and the results may not be what you want. For a truly clean home, you may want to call in professionals to handle the dirty work if it is in your budget. Sometimes you’ll find you’re more motivated to keep it clean if you paid someone to make it beautifully clean. If you have to do it yourself, take on one area at a time. Pace yourself and go through the entire home slowly and methodically.

Eliminate Odors

One of the very first things guests notice when they walk into a home is the smells emanating from it. If you have animals in your house, complete pet odor removal may be very important to you. Use the appropriate cleaners that will do a great job of eliminating these odors for good without damaging your surfaces.

Develop Conscientious Habits

A healthy home is made easier by developing healthy habits. Make a point of putting everything you use back in place when you are done with it. Teach family members to do the same. If you have a two-story home, make a point of never going upstairs empty-handed. Always bring up something that needs to be put away or used to clean areas. You may even want to place a special basket at the bottom of the stairs just for this purpose.

Many families have household members remove their shoes while they are in the house, eliminating much of the dirt and debris that can be tracked in. Philadelphia winters can be muddy and wet so this is a great suggestion if you live in this type of climate.

As you can see, keeping your home clean and ready for guests and relatives can be quite a challenge, especially if you have a large family. Following these tips and suggestions though will have you well on your way to having a healthy home that you can be proud of.

Guest Author Bio: David Glenn is a former real estate professional with a passion for home improvement and DIY. He occasionally freelance writes about home maintenance and DIY home repair for new homeowners and renters.

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