Tips for Saving Money on Auto Transport

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Nov 08, 2012

Guest post by Jim Ovalstein.

A few years back when the economy took a turn for the worst I really began looking for unique ways to save money on my every day purchases. Because the economy’s nose dive was so rapid I was forced to learn how to save on everything from gas and milk, to tools and oil changes, and as a result of this I happened to compile a mental “how-to” database on ways to save.

The most interesting thing I discovered about learning to save is that the principles I used to save money in one industry could usually be transferred to another industry with little or no tweaking necessary! That being said I’d like to take a look at the niche moving market of “car shipping”, and share a few of the things I’ve learned about saving money in this vast industry.

One question I always ask myself before parting ways with my hard earned money is “Am I getting the best bang for my buck?” If I can’t answer yes to that question, I don’t make the purchase. By the end of this article I’d like to help you answer the above question with an affirmative and emphatic “YES!” What follows are a couple of ways you can save money on your next car transport.

Advertised Sales and Coupons

Most car shipping companies offer sales to attract new customers and bring in new business. One of the best ways customers can save money on moving costs is to look around for the best advertised deal. These sales offer the easiest route to a discount and are sometimes transferable between companies through competitive price matching or price beating guarantees.

In order to find the best deals for companies in your area be sure to scour local newspapers, especially in the classifieds (moving and car sections) where advertisers are more likely to place ads for their services. Also try searching the internet for “car shipping coupons” or “car shipping discounts” as these searches will reveal discounts that are otherwise impossible to find locally.

If you do find a discount or coupon for a transport business in your area be sure to print off the coupon and bring it with you as you shop around for the best deal. Some companies will offer to match or beat the best advertised price of their competitor in an attempt to steal business. You can assist them in this process by inquiring about sales and specials the company offers, even if you came up empty handed in your search efforts this is sometimes enough to trigger a better deal.

First Time Customer Discounts

It’s common practice in many industries to offer a first time customer discount in hopes of winning their loyalty and business for life. You always want to ask about a first time customer discount even if you don’t see one advertised. Not only does this demonstrate that you’re interested in saving money it may also entice the business you’re dealing with to offer you an advertised special or non-advertised discount simply because they know you’re cost conscious.

Friend Referrals

Companies know that when you have a good experience you’re more likely to tell your friends and family. In an attempt to gain new customers these companies may offer discounts for friend and family referrals so be sure to ask around at home and work to see if any of your friends or family members have used a car shipping service they’d recommend. Sometimes just mentioning that a friend or family recommended their service is enough to bring out a customer loyalty discount.

Book a Roundtrip Together

If you’re having your car shipped from one state to another but plan on having it shipped back within a few months to a year it’s always a good idea to ask about a roundtrip discount. If a particular company won’t offer you a roundtrip discount feel free to shop around until you find one that does. Sometimes companies authorize employees to offer discounts or sales instead of potentially losing your business to a competitor.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Most auto transport companies will offer a multi-vehicle discount for customers who ship multiple cars at once. Sometimes these shipments can be booked at the same time, for different trips, while others have to be booked on the same truck or route. Every company will have a different policy on this but you should definitely be able to find one that offers you a discount or incentive for your multi-vehicle shipment.

Make the Companies Compete for You

It’s easy to find sites that give you multiple quotes from a lot of companies at once for things like airfare and hotel rooms but what most people don’t know is that the same sites exist for <a href=””>car shipping</a>. These sites usually work based on your location so if you live in a small, secluded town you’ll have fewer options than if you lived in a big city like New York, Denver, or Los Angeles where shipping companies abound. These sites will provide quotes from multiple companies at once, based on their published transport rates and give you the option of booking directly through them.

Credit Cards

Most credit cards offer some type of customer loyalty reward for using their card to make your purchases. Among other things these rewards include cash back and frequent flyer miles. In some cases a credit card company may even cover the insurance deductible if you use their card to book your transport. Either way, if you have to pay for the transport yourself you might as well get something back for it, even if it is just frequent flyer miles, something is always better than nothing.

Overall the discounts available to customers in the market for car shipping are just as plentiful as they are in any other industry. A few minutes with a newspaper or online search engine could yield a sale you’d otherwise not know about and sales, in some cases, can be worth a couple hundred dollars. It not only pays to do your research but it always pays to ask questions.

After all, companies desperate for business would much rather offer a discount than lose a customer!

Jim Ovalstein is a car enthusiast who is knowledgeable about all aspects of the auto industry. He writes regularly for, and focuses on saving money on car shipping.

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