Tips for moving in the winter

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Dec 02, 2015
Tips for moving in the winter

Life can be unpredictable, and things don’t always happen in the most convenient manner. This concept almost always applies to moving – while you’d love for conditions to be ideal when switching homes, this is rarely the case. While making the move during the summer is challenging enough, this process becomes even more difficult in the winter, when holidays and inclement weather present unique obstacles. If you’re trying to settle into a new home this winter, use these tips to simplify the move.

Check the weather constantly
You can’t control Mother Nature, but you can stay on top of her actions. If you’re trying to orchestrate a winter move, keep an eye on the forecast at all times. If you see snow or ice headed your way, act fast and adjust your schedule accordingly. U.S. News & World Report recommended also keeping tabs on traffic reports and mapping out alternative routes that don’t involve traversing main roads. Not only will this save you time and energy, but it will reduce your risk of getting into an accident. Since even the most minor fender benders can cause delicate objects and furniture to break, you want to avoid them at all costs during the moving process.

Take note of temperature-sensitive items
One unique obstacle of moving in the winter is trying not to damage temperature-sensitive items in the process. Red Ball explained that this is often easier said than done, as many people aren’t aware that some of their possessions could be ruined just by being exposed to extreme cold. While house plants are obviously items that need to be kept in warm environments, many antique glass and linen pieces can also be negatively impacted by cold temperatures. If you have delicate items that you may need to leave outside for any period of time, do some research beforehand to see whether they’ll sustain serious damage.

Make sure not to leave temperature-sensitive items outside for too long.Make sure not to leave temperature-sensitive items outside for too long.

Don’t pack cold-weather items
Don’t get too wrapped up in the packing process and forget to leave out some essential items. Avoid this by making a list of winter must-haves and making sure these pieces aren’t boxed up. For example, always leave enough warm clothes, coats, hats, scarves and gloves out so you can bundle up during the move. Be vigilant about keeping snow shovels, ice scrapers and salt separate from what you’re packing as well, in case flurries appear and you need to clear steps and walkways. U.S. News & World Report recommended keeping all these supplies in your trunk so that they’re out of the way but readily accessible.

Protect floors in both homes
Any move can wreak havoc on floors, as furniture is being moved and people are constantly coming and going. However, they can sustain even more damage during the winter, as boots crusted with ice, salt and gravel are added into the mix. It’s especially easy to harm hardwood and carpeted floors, as these tend to be more delicate and more susceptible to water damage. Avoid leaving any marks by placing plastic sheets or large slabs of cardboard throughout your hallways and rooms, suggested You Move Me. Do this in the home you’re vacating as well as the one you’re entering so that its new tenants aren’t faced with any unexpected scratches or stains.

“Get some portable holiday decor.”

Create some ‘on the move’ holiday cheer
It can be hard to move during the holiday season, as you can’t really decorate too far in advance. Of course, you can adorn your new home, but it may take a long time to fully unpack your everyday items, let alone your seasonal decor. If you’re worried about catching the holiday blues due to a lack of embellishment, try assembling a few portable pieces that don’t require much to be set up or taken down. Red Ball suggested purchasing a small artificial Christmas tree or easy-to-move wreath, as these seasonal touches are lightweight and convenient.

Get some help
While you might feel confident handling a summer move with no professional assistance, the added obstacles of winter make going the process alone quite challenging. Consider hiring movers, as they can help speed up and streamline the move. Notably, moving companies are less busy during the winter, so you can likely score some affordable prices you just won’t see during the warmer months. Worried about getting your cable internet service set up as well? Let someone else handle that for you, too. Delegating these responsibilities to the professionals will leave you with more time to pack and get your family ready for the next chapter in your lives.

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