Tips for DIY Moving

BY Allconnect | Wed Jun 04, 2014
Tips for DIY Moving

Moving yourself to a new home can be almost as terrifying as having your cable internet cut off, but it can be easy if you remember a few simple tips. 

Do you need it?
One of the mistakes many people make when they move is to think they need to bring everything. The first thing you should do when you are preparing to move is to go through all your stuff and figure out if it is something you absolutely need to bring with you or if it is easily replaceable. You can always buy a new fiberboard night stand, but your grandfather's war medals are a little more precious. You can make moving a lot easier and less expensive if you have a yard sale or post some non-essential items for sale online. Worst case scenario, you have some extra money for setting yourself up when you get to your new home.

Sort it out
Too often, inexperienced movers sort their belongings according to what room in the house that item belongs in. This is a good start, but it is much better to further sort your belongings according to when you will need them. It can take weeks to unpack, and having to dig through your whole kitchen to find one frying pan is a pain. 

Box it
Whether you buy, borrow or recycle them, boxes are essential for moving. Frugal movers know that it is best to get your boxes for free. Online message boards like Craigslist can be a good place find boxes in your area, but retailers and liquor stores will often have surplus boxes also. Remember to clearly label your boxes, and carefully wrap fragile items so they are unlikely to be damaged. You can also pack fragile items, such as lamps or computers, with complementary items that are inherent padding, such as quilts or pillows. 

Pack it
Whether you are moving with a van or a container, it is critical that you pack your belongings in the correct order. Put bulky furniture, like beds and couches, in first, and then pack smaller items around them. Try to start at the back of your trailer, and stack all the way up before you move towards the front. Remember to protect you fragile items, and make sure they won't be jostled if the road gets bumpy. Most of all, don't waste space. Every square foot costs money, so make sure that you fit everything you can as efficiently as possible. 

Sort out your utilities in advance
Call the utility companies and cable and internet providers in the area to which you are moving in advance. Make all of the installation appointments ahead of your move, and ensure that your utilities will be turned on when you get there. You should also be sure to search for internet service providers by zip code to locate a good service in your new neighborhood. 

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