Top Tips for Cleaning Up Before a Move

BY Kristen Fowler | Wed Apr 12, 2017
Top Tips for Cleaning Up Before a Move

Moving and cleaning often go hand in hand. Whether you are a renter and need to turn in keys to your landlord, or your home has just sold – you will need to do some cleaning up before a move, even if it’s just a basic cleaning!  The great news is that cleaning in preparation for your move can actually help you for the move itself.

Cleaning up before a move can serve a variety of purposes.  Starting with the organizational phases of cleaning up your home, packing gets easier and it’s likely you may even purge some items as you go!  Proactively cleaning as you pack and plan can also help sell your home, and ease the stress on moving day.

Phase 1: Organize and Purge like an Expert

Moving takes time and money, and the more objects you move, the more money and time it takes! Organizing and tossing items can be a great way to get your home ready for the move, and also reduce the actual price tag of your move. Many real estate experts will be quick to recommend organizing and staging your home before it even goes on the market, so a clean home will not only be more appealing to buyers, it will also help you when it comes time to pack.

Be practical about the items you need and want to keep for the move and get rid of anything that you can part ways with.  If possible, donate any household items, clothing and non-perishable foods to local community organizations.

Organization is also key in this phase, and will make packing much easier.  Start with areas that you don’t necessarily use on a daily basis, and that may be more inclined to gather clutter.  Organize closets, basements, storage areas and inside cupboards, dressers, etc.  You’ll want to think ahead while doing this for how you will need to pack and label your belongings.

It is important to remember that this organizational and staging-type phase is entirely temporary!  Once you move, you can unpack and organize your belongings in a way that makes sense for your new home.

Phase 2: Cleaning Ahead

Moving can be messy, but there are definitely areas of your home that you can clean ahead of your moving day.  Saving all of your cleaning for after your move can be a total nightmare!  Skip the terror and tackle what you can ahead of moving day.

Priority number one is to prioritize, the more can you accomplish ahead of the move plans, the less stressed and better off you will be!  It will be important to schedule your cleaning tasks according to your moving related demands and timeline.  Don’t clean things that will likely need cleaned twice!

Keep all supplies and items needed out of boxes as you pack for your move.  Start by cleaning areas of your home that will not need a re-cleaning during or after your moving day.  This can include wiping down walls and cleaning window treatments, scrubbing tile, cleaning inside cupboards and closets, spare rooms and more.  You will likely want to avoid cleaning floors and main living areas, such as your kitchen or living rooms – These will likely need a deep clean after you move out.

Phase 3: Quick Clean After You Move

Often the very last thing is done on moving day, you should do a final cleaning of your old home.  Say bon voyage and give it an easy, swift cleaning – So long as you’ve planned ahead!

Your final cleaning should include a thorough check to make sure nothing was missed in the move, and essentially a good floor and main room cleaning.  Your kitchen, main bathroom, living room and floors should be all that remains on the list!

Want a checklist to help you when cleaning up before a move? Download the ‘Moving Out Cleaning Checklist’ Infographic here!

Guest Author Bio:  Heather Argenti is a cleaning enthusiast at Moving Ahead Services, a full-service relocation, real estate and storage company.

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