Time Warner Cable Internet Speed to Increase

BY Allconnect | Wed Jun 04, 2014
Time Warner Cable Internet Speed to Increase

As a competitive response to Google’s new “Google Fiber,” Time Warner Cable is rolling out a free speed upgrade for customers who subscribe to their cable internet service. This upgrade is considered necessary by Time Warner as a measure of keeping up with the evolution of cable internet and new networking technology. Internet speed upgrades have already been implemented in cities like Austin, Texas, and other US cities where Google Fiber will soon be available.

According to reports from Time Warner Cable, the speed increases will be significant. Customers who are already signed up for their standard internet package will see a boost in their speed from 15 Mbps to 50 Mbps. As if that weren’t enough, their Ultimate Plan customers will go from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps. For many cable internet users, this may represent the biggest speed increase they have seen since changing over from dial-up.

People who have already signed up for Time Warner’s cable internet services can take advantage of these speed increases by upgrading their existing cable modem to be compatible with TWC’s newer, faster internet. Customers who lease their modem from Time Warner may need to exchange their modem for an upgrade, but this service is provided for free by TWC.

Although this speed increase is only available to customers in Austin, TX, it seems likely that the rest of the country will soon be able to enjoy faster speeds while surfing the web, streaming videos and downloading music.

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