These trendy home customizations will blow your mind!

BY Allconnect Inc | Sun Feb 22, 2015

These Trendy Home Customizations Will Blow Your Mind!Guest post by Anica Oaks.

When building your home or investing in renovations, you want to put your own stamp on your house. However, you may also want to ensure that the home will maintain its value and appeal to buyers in the future. Rather than going with brightly colored carpet or other customizations that may be a turn-off, consider some cool changes that will appeal to you, your friends, and visitors.

Focus on the Closets

In the past, closets were simple structures featuring a rod and a shelf, but you need something more. Whether you’re building your dream home or renovating an existing one, give your closets the attention they deserve. Add specially designed shelves for your shoes and boots. Let your contractor create a walk-in closet complete with island where you can lay out your clothes for the day. The options are limitless, and you’ll never regret taking the storage areas to a higher level.

Think Outside the Tiles

Most kitchens feature ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring, but you can install hardwood in the kitchen. In fact, this is one of the growing trends identified by Angie’s List. Thanks to engineered floors and more durable hardwoods, you can now have the hardwood look you love in your kitchen space.

Smart Charging Options

Another home customization you’re sure to love is specially designed charging stations. Electronics scattered over your workspace are an eyesore, but you can bring order to the chaos and ensure that your cables are always where you need them with special cabinets or shelves. A custom charging area can handle anything from your laptop for work to your collection of MP3 players, tablets and phones.

Go Green

Saving money is always smart, and it’s even better when you’re saving on the utilities and protecting the environment. Contractors for companies like Alair homes, with custom home builders in North Vancouver, are now offering a range of green building materials and energy efficient options so that you can create a more eco-friendly house. This is good news for your monthly budget now, and it will help make your property appealing to buyers in the future.

From lighting to custom cabinets, there are countless ways to customize your home and ensure that it suits your needs. It’s important to create a home that you love, but you can also use customizations to create one that’s functional and enjoyable. Start making a list of the changes you’d like to make so that you won’t leave out anything important when you start making the improvements.

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