The Top 10 Reasons One Might Want to Consider Before Giving up Their Landline

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Mar 28, 2014

LandlineIn this digital age, owning a cell phone seems to be a need and not a want. We care to forget the life most of us lived when cell phones didn’t exist and we relied solely on our home phone for communication.  Sure landlines may seem like they’re on the brink of extinction, but there still might be a good reason for you to own one.

Here are the top 10 reasons one might want to consider before giving up their landline:


  • Emergency Situations – Accidents can happen at any given time so it is crucial to have a reliable method of communication. Cell phone service is heavily dependent upon the signal in your area so if for some reason the towers go down or you fail to receive signal, making emergency calls would be challenging. This is why it’s a good idea to keep a landline at your home. Your landline will always be available for those situations when your cell phone has weak to no signal.
  • Pay-Per View Systems – Sometimes watching a movie in the comfort of your home is more enjoyable than fighting the crowds and paying the high costs for a movie ticket at the theater. This is why pay-per view channels are still available with your television provider. However some systems still require a landline connected to your media box for ordering and paying for a particular movie. In some cases this is the only way for some television providers to transfer data to and from your home.
  • Convenience – There’s nothing like knowing your communication to the outside world is readily available. Since cell phones rely on battery power and signal, this means at any point of time your cell phone can be out of service, temporarily cutting you off from your friends and family. Not only is using your home phone convenient, it also saves battery life on your cell phone for when you’re ready to leave your home.
  • Bundled Packages – Now days, we as a consumer are looking for every way possible to save money. We usually order utilities based on when we need the service without thinking of the possibilities of ordering certain services together. Now days, more providers are pushing the consumer to order TV, High-speed Internet and home phone at the same time. As a benefit you will usually get a discounted rate for ordering a bundled package saving you more money than if you ordered each service separately. So you might want to consider ordering that landline along with your other services to take advantage of a bundled package discount.
  • Call Quality – “Can you hear me now?” We all remember that infamous commercial with the guy in black glasses that’s desperately trying to find that perfect spot to talk on his cell phone. The call quality of a cell phone can be sketchy depending on how good your cellular signal is. This is another reason to consider keeping your landline. Your call quality will never fluctuate when using your landline. If anything, you will be the person on the other end of the call waiting for your counterpart to find a decent signal.
  • Cheaper Than Cellular Plan – In this day and age, we all rely on owning a cell phone. To this day I’m still not sure how I made it through life without one. Cell phone providers know this as well which is why it is generally not cheap to own one. Plans vary depending on how many minutes you need, how much data you use, and how many texts you send. Those three factors alone can easily increase a monthly cell phone bill. If you’re in the mood to save money and don’t talk on the phone that often, a home phone line is the way to go. Sure you may not have access to a phone while you’re out, but if you don’t need to communicate much, a landline might just suit you better as well as save you money.
  • International Calling – Some of us have relatives and friends that reside overseas. International calling can be expensive when you add up all the minutes you use to make those calls. Landlines usually offer cheaper international calling plans as an incentive to order home phone. This is perfect for people that are making international calls on a daily basis.
  • Connectivity – Owning a cell phone does not guarantee communication to the world every minute of your life. Batter power is the first issue we all have faced at some point of time. Without sufficient battery life, our cell phones are useless. Signal is the 2nd important factor for owning a cell phone. Good luck trying to reach someone when you have poor signal. Owning a landline takes care of both these issues because power and signal is not a factor unless of course you run out of battery using a cordless phone. You will constantly have connection with the outside world even when if the power should go out in your area.
  • Minutes – Owning a landline means unlimited calling whenever you want and as long as you want. Unless you choose an expensive unlimited plan with your cell phone provider, be prepared to cope with the restrictions. There are day and night minutes you need to be aware of when using your cell phone not to mention a set amount of minutes you cannot exceed. Well you can exceed it if you want, however be prepared to pay the outrageous extra charges.
  • Simplicity– At some point of time (hopefully not soon) we will all grow old and technology will be too complicated for us to comprehend. We’ve all had those times when we had to explain to our grandparents (and sometimes parents) how to operate a cell phone. Owning a landline relieves us of this painful duty since older people remember how to use a home phone and in most cases still own one.

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